JAKARTA – A woman gave birth to a 19 pound baby through Caesarean section!
A mother in Jakarta gave birth to the biggest baby ever recorded in Indonesia. The boy is 19.2 pounds and already two feet long!
It is believed his size is due to his mother having gestational diabetes. It caused the boy to receive too much glucose, which caused his rapid growth.
Although a C-section was done to make the delivery easier, doctors still had difficulty getting him out. Dr. Binsar Sitanggang said, “This heavy baby made the surgery really tough, especially the process of taking him out of his mum’s womb. His legs were so big.”
He weighed nearly as much as a one-year-old, and looks over twice the size of a newborn child. Despite his monstrous size, he does not have any medical issues or complications.

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17 thoughts on “19 POUND BABY BORN”

  1. I think the comments people are making about the baby are like hitting below the belt.Ask them-if the same was commented about your kid -how would they feel????????

  2. everyone's so mean… its not the baby or the lady's fault that he's the size he is…. its still a baby. how would everyone feel if that was YOUR baby, or better yet YOU…… ugh.

  3. everybody better stop leaving mean comments!! because he is just a regular human being!!!! what if you were that baby?? Would you want people making fun of you?

  4. I think the birth of this child was a miracle….. Not to many babies are born with his type of obecity and live through it …. This is GOD will

  5. Well, I think he's beautiful! All babies are beautiful, however big or small!! And they're the most precious gift, one that's taken for granted by some. Bless his heart, how sad that people can be so cruel, and about a baby too. shame on you!!

  6. i dont know weather to say im sorry o congradulations but it is a beautiful baby any way …………..that is how god wanted him/her and he/she is perfect just like that
    ps : shame on all those haters im sure ur not exactly perfect eiether


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