SEOUL – The commander of a downed spaceship, who was taken prisoner by North Korea in September 2006, is still being held in a forced labor camp… where the alien is hovering on the brink of death!
That’s the shocking claim made by political ex-prisoners in North Korean death camps who escaped across the border to South Korea.
“He has been kept chained to a wall ever since he was taken to the Yodok camp near Hamhung,” declared one prisoner who spoke only after being assured his identity would not be revealed. “I think the only thing that has kept him alive is some inner power that he’s been feeding on all these years.
“But that power is obviously diminishing at a very rapid pace. I spoke to the man who brought him his food and he said the alien commander is already too weak to swallow even water.
“Unless something is done very soon to help him, he will die. And for all we know, he could be dead even as I speak. It’s sad. An outrage. Maybe now the world will come to know what a murderous gang the North Korean government was.”
According to ham radio reports at the time, the alien commander was captured after he and several of his crew had left their ball-shaped ship after landing in a small park in the city of Hamburg.
“They were surveying their landing site,” reported said another ex-prisoner who witnessed the unwarranted military assault. “They made no threatening moves and offered no resistance when the squad approached. The alien commander seemed very friendly.
“Suddenly the thugs jumped the alien. There was no need for such violence. The commander must have communicated with his crewmen because they suddenly dashed back into their ship and took off. The commander obviously was willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his crew.
“But the commander offered no physical resistance whatsoever. Yet one of the thugs bashed him on the head with a club. The alien fell to the ground and the soldiers carried him into their car.
“They spotted me and I tried to run away but was caught. I’ll never forget that awful day.”
The government scoffed at the reported spaceship landing and steadfastly denied that anyone – earthling or alien – had been taken prisoner in the Hamburg park that day.
“Now we know the truth,” the former prisoner declared. “A creature from space was taken prisoner and he’s been kept chained in a pen like a mad dog.
“Such a terrible thing to have happened. They landed on Earth meaning us no harm and we acted in the most inhumane way possible. Now their leader is dying and it seems that nothing will be done to save him. It’s obscene.”
The South Korean government has not yet commented on the ex-prisoner’s claims.

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  1. absolute nonsese thats why nobody has commented on this…com on get real misguided people have been trying to generate these kind of stories for years….its like evolutionary theories,ridiculus…

  2. Now is our time and chance to act..let all the right thinking peoples of the world unite and declare immediate war against the dastardly N K's. How dare they imprison a poor defenseless little alien without so much as a trial( presumably before a Cosmological High Court) and then treat him so bad in prison that he actually dies? Can aliens actually die? Perhaps we can all band together and demand that the U.N. High Commissioner for Alien Affairs take isssue wit the NK's . Stories about then certainly cannot seem to die.

  3. A child would have woven a better tale! What a waste of time and energy to bable such a nonesense – I would rtaher appreciate if this is a script for scifi movie.

  4. I have it on good authority Obama is in contact with the Alien commander at this very moment. Obama knows all, sees all. Sources say Obama will transport the Alien out of trouble with his wonderful Obama-mind transfer powers. My sources say the commander is scheduled to be rescued tomorrow at 10 am, as soon as Obama is done arranging for permanent mideast peace. If you don't hear more about this story in the Mainstream media, it means Obama has been successful. It's all very hush hush. It is likely that the Alien will take the place of Yosi Sargent at the National Endowment for the arts.

  5. you guys r nuts and ignorant! there's no way that you think that we are the only human living in this universe! of cos there's many outside our planet! you just didn't know aliens have already visited on our planet! those aliens which have been captured are called the grays. the ex-prisoner who had reported have said accurately about their behaviors. the grays mean no harm to civilians whatsoever. You guys should wake up to senses because there's aliens living among us and have already spot check us here on this earth!

    • Talk about nuts and ignorant…well I suppose you should know as you seem to have monopolized the genetic blueprint for the moronic. Perhaps you should try a tinfoil helmet.

  6. Easy solution for the aliens. Death ray a few buildings as a show of power and then give a warning like "return our crewman or we start nuking villages in your little kingdom, from high orbit. "

  7. Yes please Aliens death ray North Korean leader, he is not only a danger to humans, but to Aliens as well. He is a danger to the whole universe!


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