24 thoughts on “MICHAEL JACKSON ARTICLE – MARCH 29, 1994”

  1. its a lie! you liars michael would never fake his death, you people are the reason why he died because your making up lies about him and then that puts presure on him.Your only doing this to ruin his career…well guess what YOU DID, thanks to you he's no longer with us and he cared for everyone and he could of stayed on this earth and lived his life happily if you people didnt make up lies and kill him. you will regret this..you took away an innocent mans life just for money? you will soon taste the ashe's from hell if you carry on making up lies.

    • Ruin his career???? We only care about him. You see, we still believe in him. We know he is too brilliant to let something like that happen. Unconditional love forever Michael

    • YOUR SO RIGHT. i can't wait till karma comes back at these liars and than you'll see what happens. YOU GUYS ARE LIARS. he would never hurt his fans. thanks too all these atricles he did. RIP MICHAEL. you will alaways be in heaven where you belong, while these liars can rot in hell<3

  2. i do believe he´s alive and better of.don+t be mad about it things turned out this way because of what you just said. just think about it, there are many suspicious things around his death. i do invite you to go to one of the many death hoax that talk about this issues on mj. they are also true fans that love him and want justice done. for the love he gave us the teachings and lightining in that magical wonderfull man in the mirror. God bless you michael, peace and lightning to you. and remember your candle still burning and alive. love elena

  3. This is disgusting and Yall should be ashamed of yourself, but that would mean that any of you have a conscience. To ruin someone' s life and make their last days on earth miserable is unbelievable. I hope their is justice in hell for all of you. Unlike all of you, Michael our Angel is in Heaven at peace.

  4. ARE U FREAKIN STUPID?!?!?!?!!!! Do u not realize this is from 15 years ago?
    why are you getting upset? he was gonna die eventually. nobody lives forever. it was a joke 15 YEARS AGO!!! i'm pretty sure they didn't mean any harm. I mean truly they're gonna feel bad cuz they wrote an article and he died for real 15 years later?
    I bet u didn't know that "ALIVE" is a recurring article where the talk about celebrity deaths as being hoaxes did you? i bet you didn't notice the elvis joke DID YOU?

  5. First of all if he is dead let him go and leave him alone. Because ya piss me off and leave his family alone to I don't know anything ya wasn't there when he needed ya and when that stupid boy lie on him now everybody trying to see if alive or dead I tell u something I going to be there for him u saying anything about him u have the wrong f…king person coming for u so I telling everybody to leave him alone now cause I f….king piss about this he at nothing like elvis are anybody else and stop calling him white cause he not he black and he will always be black now. What

  6. Everybody making me mad right now the only. Thing he wanted is to change the world and to be happy but no everybody wants to. Be stupid nd kill there on self and making there sekf sick he will always be the king of pop wither he dead or alive and who ever trying to be like the king of pop witch is michael joseph jackson ya at nothing like him michael jackson for ever

  7. actually, to tell you the truth, anyone can be lying right now, why believe this side when that other side is the truth? why believe that other side? because it looks like the truth. An individual cannot know the truth unless he experienced it. You can be lied to all your life and not know it.

  8. alll u guys here sould shut the f&&k up foreals like u guys dont even no him im a MICHAEL JACKSON (( FAN )) and i kn tht hes f***in dead like seriously shut up and go get a life and leave michael alone to reast in freakin peace goshhh shut all ur guys'z mouths and go back to wut u guys were doin being freaks and wiredos and stop beinng (((((( GOSSIP ))))))) PPL GOSH LEAVE HIM ALONE FOR ONCE HES DEAD HAPPY GOSH GET A LIFE PPPL !!!!!!!!!!
    LET HIM BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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