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“You can release a spirit you have had with you for years,” she said. “The spirit gets the message and follows his loved ones to the hereafter.”

To banish the dead soul that haunts you, Dr. Fiore said you must speak to him and convince him to leave. Tell the spirit that he is not you, that he is someone else. Tell him that he is dead and that he joined you after death.

Tell him he is harming himself and harming you. Convince him that his loved ones are waiting for him in the hereafter and that once he is there, he will live in a perfect body.

Tell him there’s no such thing as Hell – that he will have a wonderful, peaceful existence in the afterlife with everything he wants. Then tell him to go in peace with your blessing.

Have you ever been possessed? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “ARE YOU POSSESSED?”

  1. Democrats, Socialist dead spirits that explains a lot.
    I hereby banish you socialist democrats from my country.
    2012 Vote to banish the dead spirits.

  2. I'm possessed!! I sleep shop and buy all the stuff that the voices tell me too. They're very fascinated by shiny objects, bright clothing, and for some reason, heavy metal music and tiki dolls!! Cure me before they max out ALL my credit cards!!!

  3. I exorcised a "Wisconsin Steamer" this morning after a cup of coffee…must have been a good 'tree pounder…ya…'tree pounds at least.

  4. what a ridiculous idea.
    do we live in the middle ages??
    it must be a terrible relief if you can blame others for your problems, so go ahead pretending it is not your own fault if things go wrong in your life.saves you a lot of effort: you needn`t change!

    • Some people will never learn that this world is full of entities that most of us can't see. People blind to reality won't see. Those who are ignorant, will never know. If you open your mind to up to the fact that we dont control anything, you will start to see. Its not a game, its the real reality. Think about it. God, Devil, Angels, Demons, Ghosts. They all exist. Even Posession.

  5. We exorcised the demonic Republicans in 2008 from our civilized areas of America. In 2010 we can finish off the ones that are hiding in the hill country of the South.
    Begone hillbillies, begone!

    • i am also possessed and even worse its a woman or women
      and i keep losing my sperm during my sleep so that when i
      wake up i feel exhausted and impotent

  6. I got possessed temporarily today by a Sylph whilst trying to enchant a wand. I managed to kick it out, and I never lost full control of myself. Thankfully, it wasn't belligerent.

  7. i got mad at someone and he had 4 peaple try to beat me up i freaked out my voice got deeper and i dont rem all i know is the next minute they are on the ground and im froze solid shaking

  8. I think Ed Anger needs to check this list—Symptoms of being possessed:
    •Low energy levels
    •Sudden onset of physical problems, anxiety or bouts of depression
    •Character shifts or mood swings
    •An inner voice or voices that speak to you
    •Alcohol or drug abuse
    •Impulsive behavior
    •Poor concentration
    •Weight gain with no obvious cause
    He might really have a problem, but now that I think about it this might be his dog in the picture above

  9. i really need help im still a teen and im afraid to tell my parents i need to find out because im just not sure if i am or not but my problems are geting worse is it also a bad thing that you see the words devil or demon even in your school work when know one else has it


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