• Heavy rains and flooding plague the Midwest in late July and early August. A record “crop” of mosquitos spreads torment and disease even as the rains stop and an unprecedented September heat wave strains power supplies to the limit. Deaths from heat stroke are logged at record levels. Crimes of violence triple as frustration and anger over the heat push people over the edge.
  • The West Coast reels under a drought that beings late June and continues through September – at least.Temperatures reach 110 degrees six times in August alone. Vicious electrical storms – without the rain – spark massive wildfires in California and Washington. Commerce grinds to a halt in Los Angeles as thick, deadly smog engulfs the city, killing hundreds of children, senior citizens and people with respiratory disease.
  • The Southwest takes the brunt of the heat wave as sustained temperatures of 120+, with sporadic highs of 135+, cause severe water shortages in populated areas and wipe out wild animals accustomed to severe heat. Towns and cities are actually abandoned as the water situation grows increasingly critical.

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