PARIS – Nostradamus predicted the hottest weather ever for America this summer. Will you be prepared?

This weather that will kill tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children before the heat finally breaks in late September!

The prediction is included in one of the famed French seer’s poetic quatrains and, unlike so many of his prognostications, it is unusually clear and specific.

Translated into English by the Paris-based historian Bernard Heubner, the quatrain says:

The New Land is scorched in the year 20 and 9,
The people cry out for mercy, but death does prevail,
Summer’s heat and drought is unrelenting through September,
The people cannot escape, tens of thousands die.

“Nostradamus was unusually concerned with the weather mankind would experience in the future, and this quatrain is a reflection of that concern,” said Heubner.

“Surprisingly, the prediction deals with conditions in the United States rather than weather we can expect to experience on a global scale.”

The quatrain is followed by numerous references to “weather events” that that will occur in America’s different regions this June, July and August. Dr. Heubner provides translations and interpretations below:

  • A blast furnace-like heat wave scorches the Southeast in July, with day-time temperatures running as hugh as 112 to 119 degrees. Little or no rain is in the forecast after June. The heat and drought wreaks billions in crop damage. Record demand for electricity causes power blackouts that paralyze commerce and touch off riots and widespread looting.
  • The Northeast reels under blistering heat and humidity in the latter half of August and September. Dry, stagnant air contributes to smog and pollution problems, leading to thousands of deaths from respiratory distress among children, the ill and senior citizens. A summer-high temperature reading of 126 turns asphalt highways to goo, stranding motorists who find their cars sinking into the road bed.
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