CONWAY, AR – The 9th Annual Stuck on a Truck was held over the weekend. How long did the winner stay touching the truck?

Stuck on a Truck is an annual competition held outside the Centennial Bank in Conway, Arkansas. Contestants surround that year’s 1st place prize-always a vehicle-and place their hands on it. Whoever is the last person to remain touching it without having let go  is the winner.

Doesn’t sound so hard? Keep in mind, there is no sitting, squatting or leaning allowed.  A five minute break is allowed each hour and a 15 minute break is given every six hours, but otherwise the contestants must remain awake and on their feet for upwards of 98 hours straight!

The contest started last Thursday at noon, with 25 participants. By Saturday morning, even after vicious thunderstorms swept through the area, 21 were still standing. Supporters cheered from the bleachers next to the truck, but many of the challengers soon began fading.

The contest finally finished this morning when, almost four full days after it had begun, Chuck Speer was the last man standing. Speer has stated he will be giving the truck to his wife.

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3 thoughts on “STUCK ON A TRUCK”

  1. Have had family members and friends who've done this and a LOT more to get stuff they want. I like to watch but won't EVER do anything like that…it's too sad when you take the time and don't win…because there's gonna be a loser…not necessarily me, but why take that chance?

    • In Kansas, I started watching every day on the computer because my daughter in Nottingham, England told me about Chuck Speer and some of the other contestants. I did not know Chuck but he was an interesting story, coach, diabetic, doing it for his wife, and more. That might have been enough to get me watching; however, his wife is the daughter of people we knew well during our time at Ft Riley, Kansas. Her parents are full of good works and it seems Kim has married someone just like them. I was writing and inviting friends to watch in Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, Arkansas and of course, Kansas. I felt like my favorite team had won when Chuck won. Still, that year was a shinning example of the pain of coming in second because the young waitress thought she had won and walked away. If she (the second place finisher) tries again, I would not be surprised to find Chuck, Kim and the football team cheering her on.

  2. I got 3rd in 09 at stuck on a truck. I came off and

    It ended one minute later. Watch this year, im on it again and gonna



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