NEW YORK, NY – Fox News commentator Glenn Beck is taking time out from his various news shows to do comedy.

For six weeks in Denver, Glenn Beck will mix observational humor with political opinion, all with this trademark soothsaying of Armageddon and emotional instability.

Beck, who has no history with comedy whatsoever, describes his coming performances as a mix of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense with “a poor man’s Seinfeld.”

A publicity clip of Beck trying out his material in a New York nightclub includes the following excerpt.

“Did you ever notice how the Obama administration is steering us directly towards the coming apocalypse? [Some laughter] I said, did you ever notice?!  I’m asking you a question, people!  The end of times are neigh and we’re being walked right to it by a secret Muslim who has never said he’s NOT the Antichrist, and you don’t even care!! [Audible sobbing] But I care.  I care for my country… So.  Much.  (Loud sigh) I just love my country too much.”

During the four-minute clip, Beck cries 3 times and throws a chair at someone towards the end.  He will be opening at Chuckleheads in Denver on June 1st.

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5 thoughts on “GLENN BECK’S COMEDY TOUR”

  1. Wake up and see the light. We are in the endtime. Of course you have to believe in the bible to know that. Beck is not crazy, he has his eyes open. Many of you go around with your head in the air or buried in the sand. You will continue to call people crazy and laughing all the time you are on the fast track to "HELL". I can not believe all the people that voted for Obama, not knowing anything at all about the man and not really caring, as long as a democrat or a black skinned man had a chance to win. Boy those who voted to put the person with the most liberal voting record and someone who was not well known into offfice must stand before GOD and account for helping to destroy this great country. This nation is on a fast track to destruction or haven't you noticed. May GOD have mercy on you and your kind.

  2. LoL @ J W Wallace.
    Your best argument has capitalized "GOD" and "HELL" ?
    You make me enjoy the fall of your hate/fear mongering ways that much more. Your "great" country has a bit of a gutcheck time, it's easy to see the people who've dragged it down to where it is, and you have about as much to do with it as Obama. It's hilarious too how scared you are.

    Oh, btw, God doesn't exist.

  3. love glenn beck…I believe that we all need to enpower ourselves and keep most of our hard earn money; keep our God given freedom. Obama is not the solution; he is the problem. He is liberal made belief. Take back our money and freedom from our govt.


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