CLEVELAND, OH – Teammates are becoming suspicious that recently acquired cheerleader Stephanie Peters is in fact an undercover operative from a rival high school.

Doubts began to surface among the squad at Grant High when it was discovered that Peters’ brother, Mike, played quarterback for long-time adversary Lee High, and that both Peters children were enrolled there.

“I never see her in class,” said fellow cheerleader Morgan Driscoll.  “And she always shows up for practice late and by car.  I think she might not even go to Grant.”

Although Peters has vehemently denied any problems of allegiance, her actions have repeatedly called it into question.

“Remember that time she did the team laundry, and all the uniforms came out red instead of blue, so we had the same colors as Lee for game day?” recalled squad captain Jennifer Oates.  “I don’t know, but like, maybe that wasn’t a mistake.”

Peters has also been known to accidentally switch the school’s names during routines, misplace the mascot’s costume, and was once caught waxing the soles of the team’s shoes.

“There’s just something that’s not kosher about that girl,” opined Driscoll.  “And I have this feeling that she’s not really pepped up about next week’s big game.  She keeps saying it’s not going to go well for us.”

The squad’s misgivings were somewhat assuaged when Peters excitedly announced that she would be making them all her special Victory Lemonade right before game time.


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