HOLLYWOOD, CA – Billy Bush, the new host of NBC’s Today Show announced this morning that he is leaving NBC.   The former longtime anchor of Access Hollywood was under a lot of pressure from a number of organizations asking for him to be fired.
Billy Bush was seen walking in Manhattan in only his swimsuit. His one remaining friend, the bouncer from the Flashdancers, said that Billy was almost really upset about what he said, and truly upset that he hurt his “good buddy” Donald Trump.
“I am ashamed of my role in the Donald Trump tapes ten years ago,” Bush said, reportedly adding, “I disavow everything I said and did on that tape, except for the fact that I did offer Donald Trump some Tic Tacs, which I think was a really nice gesture on my part.”
Tic Tac, the company, has disavowed Donald Trump and Billy Bush saying, “we don’t want sexual predators using our mints, including enablers like Bush.  No Tic Tacs for you!”
Billy Bush  did announce some good news as well.  He has accepted an anchor position at Fox News.  Bush will reportedly start off on the “curvy couch” as part of the Fox & Friends crew, but was told by the Murdoch brothers that he would be taking over The Kelly File in January 2017.   Billy loves the title for his new show… The Bush File.
Bush did start out with Fox News as a cub reporter and one of his first interviews was with Donald Trump.
In his press conference, Bush also wanted to make sure he denied rumors that in 2005 he and Donald spent some “tic tac time” in the back of the bus with a star of “Days of Our Lives.”
Billy Bush and Donald Trump… both grabbing attention.

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