NIGERIA – Blind mom Heather Hilton was leaving the hospital with her newborn son when hooligans kidnapped the boy, and sent her home with a baby chimpanzee!

The shaken woman didn’t discover until the next day that the babe she’d been cuddling and caring for was actually an ape. “I thought he seemed kind of big and hairy,” naive Heather lamented later. “But I never dreamed he was a monkey.”

The bizarre story began when the hapless housewife entered the hospital to have her baby while her sailor husband was away at sea. “My sisters were coming from Ibadan to help me, buy they were caught in a flood and didn’t arrive in time. But I was just so excited about becoming a mother, I just wanted to get in there and have my son.”

Just hours after she arrived at the hospital, Heather gave birth to a healthy, blue-eyed boy she named Sammy. But happiness turned to horror three days later, when hardhearted kidnappers took little sleepy-eyed Sammy from Heather’s arms moments after she left the hospital.

“I can’t imagine why doctors would send a blind mother home alone with a newborn baby, but that’s just what they did,” said dumbfounded Police Detective Patrick Dawidia. “The poor woman was trying to get into a cab when two men approached, grabbed her baby and replaced it with a baby chimpanzee.”

“She was so confused, she didn’t even realize a switch had been made until her sisters arrived the next day and foudn her feeding a chimp with a baby bottle.”

Dawidia says there is very little chance Heather will ever see her little Sammy again. “Stolen babies bring a high price on the black market here, I’m afraid her boy is long gone by now,” said the somber lawman.

For now, Heather has decided to keep the chimp for company. She stocked the house with bananas and plays with it in a jungle gym while she waits for her son to be returned to her.



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