Reminisce with Weekly World News over eight too-often forgotten quotations.

“Okay, but this better be the best goddamn apple I’ve ever had…”
– Adam

“Look, the bottom line is that I can’t sell a ghost story set in Denmark, alright?  Just take a couple of Quaaludes and get me more of that hot man-on-bear action.”
– Shakespeare’s agent

“All I ever wanted was a pool table in the basement.”
– Genghis Khan, last words

“We did the Ed Sullivan show.  So can we do it again?  Huh?  Can we?”
– Jim Morrison

“The Beatles?  That’s stupid.  Come on, guys!  I thought we had agreed we were The Quarrymen, come what may.  You know what?  Forget you guys.”
– That other guy who could have been a Beatle

“You know what the best part is about being Tsar?  I can do whatever I want, and no one can ever do anything about it.”
– Tsar Nicholas II, last-ish words

“I came, I saw, I should have brought a camera.”
– Julius Caesar

“I swear to God, if I have to tell you little brats one more friggin time…”
– Medea

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