MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Silicon Valley scientists have teamed up to create Singularity University, aimed at advancing Artificial Intelligence beyond what is humanly capable. Machines have applauded this move, and the first class of 50 robots for Fall 2009 has already filled.

Robots will enter a 9 week program aimed at advancing their intelligence to the singularity point, where machines surpass humans to become the smartest life forms.  Currently most robots work blue collar jobs in construction or live in their creator’s basement.

Google founder Larry Page said at a press conference, “We’re happy to offer them a learning environment where they will be able to learn without being discriminated against.”

Program head and AI expert Ray Kurzweil continued, “While at the program they will download the software and maturity patches to not only become productive members of society, but superior to humans in every way.”  Reporters clapped nervously while Kurzweil beamed.

Critics and one lone crazy man claiming to be from the future argue that the intelligent machines may one day rise up and turn against their creators.

“That’s just preposterous.” Kurzweill laughed “We have no reason to believe that could or would ever happen.  We will continue to push the machines beyond our comprehension without the petty constraints of caution.”

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