A shark “walked” from Indonesia to Hawaii.
The shark made the trek in just over a week.  A record for a shark – and any other species on the planet.
This strutting shark  “walks” along the bottom of the ocean floor. The shark, Hemiscyllium halmahera, uses its fins to wiggle along the seabed and forage for small fish and crustaceans.  Reportedly the shark always wanted to see Hawaii, so he decided to make the trip while he was “still young and limber.”


The shark, which has wide horizontal stripes, grows to a maximum length of just 30in and is harmless to humans – unless you step on his fins.  If you do – watch out!
The shark started his journey on the eastern island of Halmahera, one of the Maluku islands and ended up in Maui.  He was greeted by dancers and a major “shark luau.”  Reports are the shark had one too many Mai Tais.


The trek highlights the extraordinary abilities of sharks.  
Indonesian scientists working with conservation groups said they hoped the shark find would deepen interest in marine tourism.  But some in Hawaii were startled by the way the shark celebrated upon arriving on their shores:


This was actually the third walking shark ever recorded.  The first two walking sharks were walking along Ipanema beach and down by San Diego, California.   Scientists predict another walking shark will try to break the 7,000 mile record.

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  1. "The shark wanted to see Hawaii while he was still young and limber"? This is too funny! Who interviewed the shark to find this out?


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