A scientist in Idaho found a fossilized Bigfoot skull.
A week after a fossilized Bigfoot head was found in Utah, another one was found in Idaho!
Here is the original Utah story as reported by Mark Saal of the Standard-Examiner.

Man believes he found fossilized Bigfoot head

Soon after, Ralph Barnkopf of Boise came by the West Coast offices of WWN and showed us a Bigfoot skull HE found in the woods outside Boise.
“It’s definitely a Bigfoot head, for sure.  I’d bet my dog’s life on it,”  Ralph told WWN.
We contacted a number of Bigfoot experts.   Dr. Lee Blanton of Alberta, Canada confirmed that the Barnkopf skull was, indeed, a Bigfoot skull.  “If it looks like a Bigfoot skull, it’s a Bigfoot skull,” said Blanton.
The head looks like it belonged to a Bigfoot that looked like this:


“I went for a walk in the woods so that I would avoid having to talk to son-in-law, who’s always a pain-in-the ass when he comes over for Sunday supper ,” the ex-proctologist  told WWN, “and then I tripped and fell over something that was sticking up out of the ground.”
“After I got up, I looked at it and it looked like there was these two big eye holes looking at me.  So I kicked it a few times to see if it was alive and then I realized it wasn’t alive… it was a skull!”
The skull tips the scales at 90 pounds and is the biggest Bigfoot skull found in modern times.  That is, after the skull that Mark Saal reported about in Utah.
“I’ve been watching Finding Bigfoot on the TV,” Barnkopf said. “But I never in a million years, thought that I’d be the one to find him.  I guess I’m a hero.”
He’s the second hero.  Todd May of Ogden, Utah is the first:
Check out the Standard-Examiner for more breaking Bigfoot news.

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16 thoughts on “BIGFOOT SKULL FOUND!”

  1. There can be scientists today practicing unlawful experiemnts whith animals and humans that can cause desastrous things secretly.

  2. The big question everyone wants to know… Is Bigfoot real? “Yes”, but that’s really not the question that need to be answered here. The evidence is way beyond overwhelming in the favor of the existence of Bigfoot. The question is why is it so important for our government to refuses to fully, and publicly acknowledge Bigfoot? Why would they destroy such physical evidence like a body or discredit research that is beyond dispute? As far as the general public is concerned, the majority of people still see Bigfoot as a meth and the government wants it to stay that way. So, what do you do about it? Can you stop the deep state? Can you make Bigfoot as real to the public as a silver back gorilla even with the deep state government working against the research?

    • The reason for this is because the first thing that scientists would publicly do is run DNA tests. Then humanity would come to an abrupt awakening. Everyone would know that we was genetically modified, in another word “made”. But not man made.

    • Perhaps you have seen the government reports released on YouTube. About how the Iraq invasion was really a cover to find nephilim remains. I believe it to be true. I also believe Bigfoot to be in the nephilim family. The government knows this and that’s why they are keeping it secret

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