The U.S. Government plans on using drones against extremist members of the National Rifle Association.
Sources close to the White House reportedly said today that they plans to use military drones in the skies over the United States to weed out Americans who are obsessed with owning military assault weapons.  “They are crossing referencing the database of gun owners, with the list of members of NRA, with the list of people who have attended Ted Nugent concerts in the last twenty years,” said a person inside the White House.  “Most of the targets are people living in Texas, so most of the country should have no fear about being attack by drones.”


Lawyers in the Department of Justice have put forth an argument saying that there is “legal justification” for the government  to order the drones to attack “hostile Americans” – a  anytime, anywhere, for any reason that the President wants.
U.S. Senators are trying to create an “oversight committee” so that they can review the NRA members that the government plans on being targeted by drones.   “Look, if there are rogue NRA members, we need to know about it and we need to take action,” said a source close to Harry Reid.  “NRA members are dangerous to society and the government is here to protect its citizens.”


The U.S. Government also declared the continental United States a “battlefield.”   Sources close to the White House say that in order for the President to order drone strikes on Americans, the country needed to be declared a battlefield.  “So, if states like Texas are on the battlefield and there are citizens with assault weapons who want to use them, well then we are going to have to take them out,” a White House source reportedly said.


In addition to NRA members, the government is also considering targeting the following groups:
— Conservative Journalists
— Followers of Ayn Rand
— Tea Party Patriots
— Bloggers
— Veterans who fly American flags outside their homes.
—  Constitutionalists
— Republican Governors (except Chris Christie)



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  1. I support it!
    Seriously, the use of drones to kill enemies without putting US military personnel in harm's way sounds good, but what happens when we're not the only ones with this technology? First you get terrorists and drug lords bombing US targets or delivering biochemical weapons. Later you get robot wars. We're on the proverbial road to hell.
    By the way, saying "Extremist members of the NRA" is redundant.


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