At a press conference today, President Obama announced that he is ordering his face be placed on Mount Rushmore.
President Obama said that he has issued an Executive Order to immediately begin carving his face on Mount Rushmore.  The President feels that this will create at least one thousand jobs and increase tourism in South Dakota.


The White House Press Corps erupted in applause when the President made his announcement.  Representatives from MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, and NPR all wept openly.  “He should be the ONLY one on Rushmore,” gushed MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell.


The last President under consideration to be  carved into the mountains of South Dakota was Ronald Reagan.  Reagan, considering the overwhelming support and acclaim he received from the American people, seemed a natural choice.  The Congress approved of Reagan on Rushmore, but President Bill Clinton overruled the order.
President Obama has bypassed Congress and has ordered the carving to begin.  “I am the first black President.  And I think history will show that I am one of the greatest Presidents to ever live.  I deserve to be put on the Mount Rushmore,” the President reportedly told the White House Press Corps.
An artist is already working on the model for the Rushmore carving:


Al Sharpton applauded the decision and said Obama should be added to the mountain post haste.  He added that Bill Clinton should be up there too.  Republicans said that if Bill Clinton goes on Rushmore, than Monica Lewinsky has to go up there, too.
Obama explained to the press why he thinks he should be on Rushmore.  “I don’t think there’s any President more deserving to be on Rushmore than me.   I am the greatest leader this country has ever known.”


Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow of MSNBC believe that Teddy Roosevelt should be taken off Rushmore.  “We should put Obama up and take Teddy down,” O’Donnel reportedly said.  “Personally, I think it should just be Lincoln, Washington and Obama.”
Republicans are trying to challenge the Executive Order, but the White House told WWN, “Obama will be on Rushmore. There’s nothing the Republicans can do about it.  But they are welcome to visit anytime.”


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