Paula Broadwell has reportedly signed a $3 million deal to pose naked for Playboy.

Hugh Hefner said that he’s always wanted to include more military women in the pages of Playboy and his dream has finally come true.  Paula Broadwell, with the help of General David Petraeus, negotiated a deal for a full spread in Playboy.
“The Playboy pictorial will be tied in to her book on David Petraeus, entitled ‘All In’,” said a source close to Playboy.  “We tried to get General Petraeus to pose in some of the pictures with Paula, but he declined to do so at this time.  Perhaps next year.”

Broadwell will reportedly receive $3 million dollars for her “work” in Playboy.

Not to be outdone, Hustler has gone after the socialite at the center of the scandal, Jill Kelley, and her twin sister.  “In our opinion, these women have a lot more to offer our readers than Paula Broadwell.  They really work well together,” said a source close to Hustler.  “We are also including pictures of shirtless men in the spread.  It’s a lot of fun.”

Broadwell is excited about being in Playboy.  “It’s really been one of her dreams.  And there are very few of her dreams that have not come true,” said a hair stylist in Broadwell’s hometown.  “Paula always told me she wanted to have an affair with a four-star general and ruin her life by doing so.  And she’s done it.  Now, she’s ready to reap the financial rewards of her dream come true.  And that has led her to Playboy.  She really is a hero around here.”
The photo shoot is taking place in a bunker somewhere in Afghanistan.  “Hugh is flying to Afghanistan right now to be part of the shoot.  He’s very excited about this and Paula,” said a source in Playboy.


  1. Well, isn't that interesting? I cant wait til the edition featuring Ms. Broadwell's photo spread comes out–she is one sexy mama, oh yeah

  2. I guess WWN has a problem. Every time I click to open a link from my email it goes to an article then an ad pops on screen that says click to unlock article……which I'm not doing. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.


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