David Petraeus has reportedly signed on as the new president of Princeton University.
According to sources close to Paula Broadwell, General David Petraeus who resigned as director of the Central Intelligence Agency amid an investigation into an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, will become the new President of President.

In September, the Daily Princetonian, a campus newspaper, reported Petraeus had expressed serious interest in becoming the chief of the Ivy League university and was a leading outside candidate to replace the school’s retiring president, Shirley Tilghman. Petraeus earned a Ph.D in International Relations from Princeton in 1987.  And now… his dream will apparently come true.

Petraeus reportedly told WWN that he is excited to start a new chapter in his life.  He has already hired his top assistant at Princeton.  Here she is:

Tilghman will step down in June 2013, but Petraeus and his assistant will “work” out an office on campus starting in January 2013.  There’s a special desk at Princeton that Petraeus and his assistant have already looked under.
Paula Broadwell’s friends tell WWN that she has always felt like a “tiger” and now she officially will be one.
In August, when reporters previously asked Petraeus about whether he wanted to head Princeton, he said, “I am living the dream here at CIA.”  But he’s no longer living that dream in the CIA, but has taken his dream to Princeton.

Bob Callahan, class of ’77 and the head coach of Princeton’s men’s squash team, cited Petraeus’s extramarital affair as one reason he would now have reservations about nominating him as university president, the Princetonian reported.  But most of the students at Princeton say that the fact that Petraeus had an affair makes him “connect” more with the younger generation.
“The majority of Princeton students will cheat on their lovers or spouses in their lifetimes, so we welcome him here with open arms,” said John Wiltoba, head of the Princeton Lacrosse club.
Meanwhile, the Tampa socialite, Jill Kelley, is trying to get an “honorary degree” from Princeton.

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