Every sportswriter in the country agrees – Manti Te’o will be the Heisman winner this year and could be the greatest player of all time.
Manti Te’o, considered the best linebacker every to play college football, is leading all over Heisman voters.  WWN surveyed Heisman voters and Te’o has 90% of the votes, with Collin Klein of Kansas State received 10% – but Klein and his family all believe that Te’o should win the Heisman.

Notre Dame football is not only relevant again in college football, but many experts believe that they could go into the AFC East and compete.  Some believe that Alabama or Oregon are better than Notre Dame, but Mark May of ESPN reportedly said “if you take an all-star team from Alabama and Oregon and played against Notre Dame, I doubt they would score even a field goal, that’s how good Notre Dame’s defense is.”  May has long been a Notre Dame hater, but is now on the record as saying that Notre Dame’s 2012 team may be the greatest team to ever play the game.

Charles Woodson of Michigan in 1997 remains the only modern-day Heisman Trophy winner who played defense but, Te’o will be the first to win with such a wide margin.  Las Vegas oddsmakers have it even money that Te’o wins the Heisman with Klein’s odds at 45-1.
“If I win the Heisman or even get invited to New York, I’ll be humbled and happy,” Te’o said after beating BYU. “But as long as I’m winning, I’ll enjoy that.”

Te’o has a lot of things going for him. First, he’s been a model of consistency for a Notre Dame defense that is the biggest reason the Fighting Irish are undefeated and ranked No. 5 headed into the Oklahoma game. He leads Notre Dame with 69 tackles and four interceptions.

He’s also known to be humble. And, of course, he has the Notre Dame brand — and a powerful personal story — that has helped nudge him into the national consciousness.
Te’o’s girlfriend and grandmother passed away within days of each other in September, and Irish fans wore leis and roared their encouragement to him at an emotional rally about a week later that had him fighting back tears.

Notre Dame plays USC over the Thanksgiving weekend and that could be the only team for the rest of the year that can play with Notre Dame.   Matt Barkley is worried about Te’o and his defense.  “Matt doesn’t think he’ll be able to complete one pass against Notre Dame. They’re that good,” said Barkley’s best friend.
So Te’o wins the Heisman and Notre Dame wins the National Championship – you know the world is getting back to a better place.  A place of glory.

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