SEAMAN, Ohio — After hanging out with bikers for the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden has joined the Hells Angels.
The internet is abuzz with a picture of Joe Biden grabbing a female biker and putting her on his lap at  a stop at Cruisers Diner.  She had no place to sit, so Biden waved her over, telling her, ‘‘I know who runs the show.’’  He put his hands on her shoulders and leaned in for a conversation as photographers snapped away.
Here’s the picture:

Biden then turned to the bikers and said:  “Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don’t let me ride anymore,” Biden said.
“Probably not,” Jeff Cook, one of the diners, said.
The vice president then told the bikers that he rode with the Oakland Hells Angels once.  He even showed them a picture:

This brought back old memories for Biden – days of “easy riding”,  “drinking malt liquor” and “having sex on a bike”… so Biden went to the local Hells Angels chapter and signed up.  “He’s a Hells Angels now,” said the Hells Angels representative.  “That’s all we’ll say.”

Biden said he loved the motto of the Hells Angels and thought it should be the new motto for the Obama re-election campaign.  Here it is:  “When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets”.

“It’s a heckuva a lot better than ‘Forward’,”  the Vice President told reporters.
Biden got on his bike and rode it to the next campaign stop.
Biden also encouraged President Obama to join the Hells Angels.  He had a member of the Florida chapter try to personally persuade the President to join:

Voters in Ohio are responding positively to Biden being in the Hells Angels.  “It makes him real.  He’s got my vote,” said Scooter Baines of Dayton.  “Anybody who rides a bike and rubs a chicks shoulders in a diner has my vote.”
Ride on, Joe… ride on…
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  2. Hells Angels are supposed to be very kind when it comes to deep sexual matters – that's how they stay in biz against all odds. Ordinary hells products are driven by idle sex as if no cares – this is low grade stuff, not as the unbeatable tops!… So what's wrong, treacherous activity? Hells Angels are good and sometimes super-good so long as they do not engage in mal-stuff! They cannot be controlled by state till they are caught in wrong deeds, beware!

  3. Give me a freakin break! You don't just sign up and instantly become a member of any outlaw club! Next time you try to write a ridiculous and outlandish story like this,you might want to do a little research first,and learn photo shop better.
    P.S. the illuminati probably won't be interested in someone that says " ma email and ma phone" good gawd!


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