[mpoverlay]In a bold move, Pixar has confirmed that the popular media franchise “Toy Story” will see its next film rated “R.” The news has shocked the film industry and parents of the demographic once targeted for the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, Woody and the rest of the gang. Few details have emerged, but one rumor suggests that the story follows Andy into his steamy and exploratory college years.
The films so far have been anything but adult-centered. Though Pixar films are known for appealing to a wide range of moviegoers with its all-resonant themes of bravery, friendship and celebration of nostalgia, this seems to be the first computer-animated film series — and certainly the first from Pixar — to so abruptly dive deep into the world explicit and crude-humored narrative.

Some wonder why the company would take such a large leap into the “R” category. After all, “Toy Story” could have made the safer transition into “PG-13” with a controlled amount of cursing and adult themes. According to film industry insiders, Pixar head John Lasseter simply said that he wanted to go “all in.”
Weekly World News was invited to watch a 10-minute preview of the upcoming release. This reporter was taken to an undisclosed editor booth in the Los Angeles area and was treated to a brief collection of unfinished scenes and short takes from the new film.  However, only one item stuck out as any different from previous Pixar efforts: Woody’s five-o’clock shadow. WWN will continue to follow this story as it progresses.[/mpoverlay]

54 thoughts on “‘TOY STORY 4’ WILL BE RATED R”

    • I don't buy it, this got to be fake. John Lassester would not do that. His Toy story franchise is great and he would not make it R rated with making woody curse or Andy, or even the new little girl. He would do a adventure that is G or PG, not R. So I wouldn't worry. It has to be fake.

  1. pixar would never ruin their own series, in fact people want toy story 3 to be the end so i think that if pixar disobeyes their fans they wont make it rated r and pixar would never do this way. its like the impression of happytime murderers except its actually a rated r puppet movie

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