The 2012 London Olympics had its closing ceremony featuring the Kate Middleton singing and Prince Harry dancing.

The world’s athletes returned to Olympic Stadium, some with gold around their necks, and stood corralled in eight groupings as a parade of supermodels and Spice Girls seized the stage.

The ceremony also included a tribute to British Pubs – and featured the 100 Most Inebriated Brits, who stumbled into the stadium and fell down.  They were ceremoniously covered in a large Union Jack and carried off by a battalion on British Clowns.

Queen Elizabeth did not parachute into this ceremony, but she get on a British Skateboard while The Who sang Baba O’Riley. Prince Harry didn’t want to be outdone by his grandmother, so he jumped on stage and took over the lead singing duties from Roger Daltry:

The highlight of the night was Prince Kate Middleton singing with The Spice Girls:

The highlight for Americans was when Bat Boy performed with Annie Lennox:

In a surprise to viewers around the world, the Brits included a Tribute to American Politics in the closing ceremony and featured the newly anointed Republican Vice Presidential Candidate, Paul Ryan:

After being held in place by volunteers for more than an hour Sunday night, small groupings of Olympics athletes broke out, off to celebrate away from the Closing Ceremony’s unwieldy, yet colorful, performances that concluded the third Games hosted by England.

The United States athletes were reserved during the closing ceremony except when they ran around the infield of the stadium shouting:  “We’re #1, We’re #1, We’re #1!!”

The Chinese were quick to point out that all the Gold Medals were made… in China.

Here are some more photos of the closing ceremony:

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