Chick-fil-A announced that it had set a new fast food record by serving 1 billion people in one day!

Tim Winings, Chick-fil-A, Vice President of Marketing, stated that the response to the Chick-fil-A  Appreciation Day 2012  has exceeded their expectations beyond any imagining.

“Today people around the world showed that they are fed up for not being able to express their opinions.  But fortunately for us they are not fed up with our tasty chicken sandwiches. Truthfully, we are struggling to keep up with demand and thank God for the courage, and hunger, of the American people.”

Hungry diners from all across the country, and in ninety-one countries around the world, crowded their local Chick-fil-A’s to show their appreciation for the chicken chain’s Southern fried goodness. You knew this day was coming and you knew it was going to be busy.

Here’s a shot of the crowd waiting in Dallas:

“My daughters and I went to Chick-fil-A in Wake Forest, NC around 1:45 today in hopes of avoiding the rush. At that time, the line was still backed up five  miles out of the restaurant parking lot!” Natalie Z. in North Carolina wrote to WWN.

“The drive-thru line at the Springfield, Illinois Chick-fil-A went all the way to Nebraska,” said one representative of Chick-fil-A.

There were still thousands of people lined up at 11 pm in Atlanta:

It took McDonald’s twenty years to reach “one billion served” but Chick-Fil-A did it in one day.  “We checked our records books and we don’t have anything like this, not even close,” said a representative of the Fast Food Association.  “I think they’ve eaten every dead chicken in America.”

In solidarity, chicken lovers in Spain, Italy, Russia, India and the Philippines lined up for over ten hours to get a piece of chicken and a biscuit.

Here’s a happy couple that only waited in line for six hours:

Chick-Fil-A is expecting only “five or six hundred million” customers today.   “We’re ready for chicken lovers who believe in traditional marriage.  And there sure are a heckuva lot of ’em,” said a company spokesperson.

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  1. I thank GOD for people that will take a stand for what is right and I full agree with them that marrage should. Only be between a one man and one woman because in GODs holy word ir is clearly. Said that GOD made adam and eve not adam and steve do anything else would be going fully against GOD holy word

  2. Just wait until after all the dust settles and Chik-Fil-A has to deal with their plummeting brand scores and the novelty of Dan Cathy's bigotry wears off. Then we'll see just how their company will be affected.

  3. If you want to live in a country that serves (all of) God's laws, then move to one of the 'great' locations in the middle east.

    It is the utmost hypocrisy only enforcing religious policies, with the law, that do not inconvenience too many people.

    If that is the standard that gets people into YOUR heaven, I am not interested in striving for it.


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