LONDON —  Bruce Springsteen’s concert in London’s Hyde Park ended in controversy after The Boss’ microphone was cut off.  He has now been banned from England.

Springsteen performed 29 songs, playing for more than three hours with several special guests as part of the Hard Rock Calling concert series. The set was already 30 minutes past its 10:30 p.m. curfew when Springsteen began the Beatles hit “Twist and Shout” with Paul McCartney. Before the song ended, the microphones had already been turned off.

Steven Van Zandt, the lead guitarist for Springsteen’s E Street Band, vented on Twitter after the concert ended.

“One of the great gigs ever in my opinion. But seriously, when did England become a police state?” he tweeted.

That was a bit much for British authorities.  On Sunday, British Parliament voted to ban Bruce Springsteen from England – forever.  “We will not tolerate anyone, and I mean anyone, breaking our curfew.  We live in dangerous times now and we must be vigilant.  Mr. Springsteen had complete and utter disregard for our curfew and the safety of British citizens,” a top member of Parliament told WWN.

London Mayor Boris Johnson supported the decision, saying at first that the musicians should have been allowed to “jam in the name of the Lord.”   But he reportedly later said that he agreed with the government that Bruce and the E Street Band should never return to England.

Miami Steve was arrested for his Twitter comments, but was released early Sunday morning.  In addition to the E Street Band being forbidden from ever playing in England again, Miami Steve is banned, personally, from ever returning to the country.  “These Jersey boys think they can come to the Motherland and insult us, we’ll that’s not going to happen.  Our country will be alot better off without the likes of Mr. Van Zandt,” said a source inside Parliament.

One of the last songs he ever played in England:


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  1. Don't worry Bruce, come to Scotland, and if England deny you access, ask them what gives them the right to decide who comes in to Scotland, it should be up to the Scottish Government, not English, they done this with Snoop Dogg, denied him access to Scotland?!?! It was a peace tour as well, when it was him and P.Diddy touring, gutted I never got to see it!

  2. I have seen Bruce so many times i have lost count but this show was the best ever.Bruce and the band get better and better I just hope they keep touring forever.It was a very moving tribute to Clarence He will not be forgotten.

  3. You can have either safety and security or freedom of expression and free will. They are mutually exclusive; you can have one or the other, not both.

  4. Rather chase the illegal aliens who are raping our ecconomy and the half whits who are running and ruining our country, not the ones bringing entertainment and peace to the place…. English red tape as usual… Let England become English again!!!

  5. Im from England and yes he was stupidly cut off but "On Sunday, British Parliament voted to ban Bruce Springsteen from England – forever" is a total lie like most of this article,dont read this crap.Nothing will stop The Boss


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