John Travolta has started a new trend in the massage industry:  the reverse massage!
Travolta was hit with a $2 million lawsuit by a masseur who the actor allegedly propositioned during a house call.  Travolta denied the allegation and said he was instead taking part in a new trend in massage therapy.

“The reverse massage is the latest technique used by masseurs,” said a source close to Travolta.  “Clients book a massage and then when they get there, they give the masseur a massage instead of getting a massage.  It’s a way to give back to the massage community.”

Travolta has been practicing the reverse massage for over ten years.
“He’s helped a lot of male massage therapists,” said the source.  “Travolta is quite gifted in the reverse, and is already a legend in this regard.”

The typical reverse massage works this way.  The client picks up the masseur in a black SUV and drives them to a bungalow in the Beverly Hills hotel.
Inside the bungalow, the client strips naked and when the masseur asks him to lie on the table and cover himself with a towel, the client then asks the masseur to get on the table instead.
It used to be illegal for a masseur to lie on a massage table, but the Travolta Amendment has changed all that.
Travolta also used the reverse massage on female massage therapists.

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6 thoughts on “REVERSE MASSAGE”

  1. Why would any licensed masseur want a massage from an untrained client? And why should a client pay for giving the massage? Who would want a massage from Travolta anyway?

    • Yeah, but who cares??? All anyone has to say to an unwanted suggestion, is "no thank you".
      And no, Travolta isn't massaging anyone! Stop it.

  2. These conspiracy theorist are living in a make believe world! The doubters that Travolta is not paying to give reverse massages and/or that reverse massages are not huge in Hollywood right now. All I can say is turn off your, your being fed fake news! bUT as we know, what starts in Hollywood spreads across the globe. That aside, reverse massages really are a great way to give back to the masseuse community, please people do your part you have no idea how hard it is to massage people. i personally know how hard it is, i have given several massages in my life-to women only-just because we just click-anyway, i would be delighted to have a reverse massage, or at the very least a gift certificate so i could get one elsewhere!


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