John Travolta has started a new trend in the massage industry:  the reverse massage!
Travolta was hit with a $2 million lawsuit by a masseur who the actor allegedly propositioned during a house call.  Travolta denied the allegation and said he was instead taking part in a new trend in massage therapy.

“The reverse massage is the latest technique used by masseurs,” said a source close to Travolta.  “Clients book a massage and then when they get there, they give the masseur a massage instead of getting a massage.  It’s a way to give back to the massage community.”

Travolta has been practicing the reverse massage for over ten years.
“He’s helped a lot of male massage therapists,” said the source.  “Travolta is quite gifted in the reverse, and is already a legend in this regard.”

The typical reverse massage works this way.  The client picks up the masseur in a black SUV and drives them to a bungalow in the Beverly Hills hotel.
Inside the bungalow, the client strips naked and when the masseur asks him to lie on the table and cover himself with a towel, the client then asks the masseur to get on the table instead.
It used to be illegal for a masseur to lie on a massage table, but the Travolta Amendment has changed all that.
Travolta also used the reverse massage on female massage therapists.

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5 thoughts on “REVERSE MASSAGE”

  1. Why would any licensed masseur want a massage from an untrained client? And why should a client pay for giving the massage? Who would want a massage from Travolta anyway?

    • Yeah, but who cares??? All anyone has to say to an unwanted suggestion, is "no thank you".
      And no, Travolta isn't massaging anyone! Stop it.

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