MEXICO CITY – A new documentary about Mayan civilization proves they made contact with extraterrestrials.
“Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond,” proves that Mayans had contact with extraterrestrials.  Producer Raul Julia-Levy told WWN that the evidence is “overwhelming.”   And the Mexican government is backing him up.
“Mexico will release codices, artifacts and significant documents with evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact, and all of their information will be corroborated by archaeologists,” said Julia-Levy, son of actor Raul Julia.
Luis Augusto Garcia Rosado, the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche, said new evidence has emerged “of contact between the Mayans and extraterrestrials, supported by translations of certain codices, which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time.”
He also referenced “landing pads in the jungle that are 3,000 years old.”
Raul-Julia claims there is proof that the Mayans intended to lead the planet for thousands of years, but were forced to escape after an invasion by “men of dark intentions,” leaving behind evidence of an advanced race.
“The Mexican government is not making this statement on their own — everything we say, we’re going to back up,” he said.

The film is directed by Juan Carlos Rulfo, who won the Humanitas Prize for “Those Who Remain” in 2009 and the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for International Documentary for “In the Pit” in 2006. Juan Diego Rodriguez Gonzalez will serve as the Guatemalan executive producer, and Eduardo Vertiz as the Mexican executive producer.
“The message of the film is crucial to human survival,” Julia-Levy said.
When Julia-Levy, producer Ed Elbert and co-producer Sheila McCarthy announced the Mexican cooperation with their documentary to , they were circumspect about claims of alien contact, with Julia-Levy admitting he’d been ordered not to say anything about it.
The Guatemalen government was also skeptical and brushed off the question about alien contact, while allowing the filmmakers’ access to previously unexplored sections of a Mayan site at Calakmul.
Not only did the Guatemalen government change its tune, but they also joined the project, giving access to artifacts and newly discovered prophecies.  “We believe for certain that aliens worked with the Mayans.,” said Guatemalen arts minister, Jose Rosado.
“Guatemala, like Mexico, home to the ancient yet advanced Mayan civilization … has also kept certain provocative archeological discoveries classified, and now believes that it is time to bring forth this information in the new documentary,” Guatemala’s minister of tourism, Guillermo Novielli Quezada, said in a statement.
He said the country was working with filmmakers “for the good of mankind.”
Raul-Julia claims that the order to cooperate came directly from the country’s president, Alvaro Colom Caballero.
Guatemala is the site of a large number of pre-Columbian Mayan settlements in the Mirador Basin, including the extensive and highly organized city of El Mirador (detail, left; exterior on previous page).
“Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond”  is due for a theatrical release in late 2012, before the end of the Mayan calendar.
While doomsday scenarios focus on the calendar ending on Dec. 21, 2012, many scholars point out that it simply resets for another 5,126-year cycle on that date.

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  1. Weekly World News says, Alien Invasion 28 November…wait the minute…How ??
    If this movie will be aired in Cinema in late 2012…
    This Movie doesn't will be Aired in late 2012, because Aliens Attack Earth in 28 November 2011…
    One contradicts the other…
    PS.Sorry for spelling, but I still student to English

  2. They knew to much for it to be coincidence, accident or just a guess!!! We copy their calendar and think that people obsessed with time make a calender which clearly says that the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl will return and we think there will be no significance and the calendar will just restart. They believed time was cyclic and that everything will start again. Yes everything will start again, remember how it starts and ends, people die and the earth is renewed and we will start all over again, that's how it happened in the past and will happen in the future…. and then someone will find evidence of their calendar again and start counting again till the next coming and probably we all will be in denial again because all the eye witnesses that witness the coming of quetzalcoatl will be dead or abducted, no eye witnesses so that story will become legend, legend will become myth and then we will have to start this state of denial all over again. Wake up….. Read Whitley Strieber – The Key!

  3. Yes, a lot of evidence went on fire with the destruction of Alexandrian Library and many other old treasure places…
    As well as the change of evidence made by the Catholic abbeys translating and re-writing ancient books!
    But still the truth is in hand made artifacts or is still written in the rock and in the stones, all over the world: the Mayans sculptured themselves inside flying cabins!

  4. ….. "the alliens visited earth and meet mayans then they have little dispute and alliens told mayans to be prepared for war in 2012" ha…..ha….ha…ha

  5. Think about it, if mayans were chased out of their homes by " man with ill intentions" im sure their technologically advanced flying plates would have x ray and the whole shebang…. also if one were to conquer said people and supposedly have an already strong hold on our planet then why would such victors leave said planet ? especially without making much of a disturbance. Also mayan civilizations show plenty of artifacts and ancient books showing many myths and legends that people seem to believe today when in history Mayans thought spaniards from overseas were gods because they grew beards…. Then what happened ? montezuma lay dead and most others became ill. Besides we are unsure of what intentions are for what they put down, you dont think they could write stories like we to in fiction and sci fi? I sure as hell hope they dont believe we actually had to deal with those creatures from the descent or alien vs predator. They would all be paranoid by the time were an ancient culture

  6. baine, fewer Atlantean survivors made it to Egypt and other old world civilizations then those that made it to the Mayan civilization.

  7. Not as many Atlantean survivors made it to Egypt and other advanced ancient civilizations as that made it to the Mayan civilization.

  8. Really, are you believe all this shit? In Mexico we have a saying: "On raging river, fishermen gain" and this has been taken to make money.

  9. Dear Tap Vann, How many times did you travel to Quirigua, Tikal, Yaxá, El Mirador (all in Guatemala) and Copan (Honduras)? How many times did you read de Popol Buh? do you have some pictures that you could post here (that you shoted)? if you did these, and had contact with the actual maya population, in the correct meaning, yes the mayas had contact with aliens, because you was one of these aliens. in another way, if you didn´t these, please don´t miss the oportunity to know these beautifull places.

  10. This is not a joke, someone go here and see this, Egyptian Magic. Horus the Egyptian God caught on video….His sun disc is not over his head but down by his right hip. Why? Google, northportdevilschannel. On the right are 3 videos. Underneath them is a small button that says, see all. click that. See the video, This is Quetzalcoatl. I have captured a huge levitating limbless dragon on video. Filmed in South Fla. lots of real Magik

    • Though I am no Spanish language expert, I think she's saying, "What nonsense (although estupido does translate to stupid), Not everyone has internet, stupid (which an imbecile is), learn how to read books (well okay, I don't have a guess to what aprende means but she is referring to books).
      Then there's also online translation sites to get a better understanding which I will do right now as a matter of fact.

  11. Errr if this is so important to mankind then why wait till the end of 2012?? Funny how the tourism board of Mexico is backing this project.

  12. I'm getting leery about whether or not this docu will be produced. When this info came out in Sept it said that filming for the docu would begin in Nov 2011, a later article explained they were going to start filming in Feb, Can someone say for certain that they have began filming?

  13. We, the Atlantean 3(andrew, jackalope hunter, Mr. Anonymous), say that the Mayan had an advanced civilization because they came from Atlantis.

  14. Karthigayan, Chennai.
    They are not aliens. But humans possessing high science. The picture with the leader link – with circle marked on the left hand has a clue, I believe. Usually it is believed to contain the sacred drink or even elixir of gods.

  15. if as they say we all are all coming to the end of the world then why has the goverment cut everything saying we are in debt or mayby they are sroring up suplys for the rich of the world the rich would come out on top after we all have fought to survive but didnt we all are manipleated by the the rich goverments of the world to do just what they want us to do and we as sheep do just that

  16. Right…………..Is this like the crap when they said that the world was gonna end on October 27, 2011?? THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN!………The world will not end on 12-12-2012 either! You people HAVE TO STOP spreading these STUPID RUMORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It's not a rumor. There are now news articles talking about one of the crew members of this documentary stealing footage and equipment to sabotage the production. This is actually happening, you clearly haven't lurked enough on the internet to see the truth is right in your face. Wake up.

    • sounds like you have your own ideas or are you just naive and empty headed. wake up mate and have a look around.

  17. Although…………………………..I do believe in aliens…………………………………………………………………………….

  18. The word MAYA is an Ancient HIndu Indian word in sanskrit, these Mayans are not alians but they are from INDIA (South ASIA), MOst of the words, culture, foods, clothing, architecture, names of the people and Languages all resembles Indians, so these suggest that Mayans are having touch with Indians in the past. one of the King's brother Arjuna went to sea and he will come back after so many long years, but they will not explain where he went so he must have visited the Mexico or near by areas about 5000 years back.

  19. If they were in contact with an advanced alien race, how come they had human sacrifice and wooden swords with obsidian blades?

    • Black people in Africa have the contacts with Americans but they have no spaceshuttles… Do you understand?

  20. I know it wasn't going to end on Dec 12, 2012. but maybe a whole lot later.. so saying the world will never end is not possible, even Suns (stars) meets its end and blow up. See now, if the world not really gonna end, Then why NASA is doing everything it can, spending billions of dollars exploring other planets where life is possible to exist?

  21. Hiya! I simply would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the nice data you've right here on this post. I shall be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

  22. Would we ever know the truth I think that the goverment knows theme truth but doesn't want to say because the people will get scared and more suicides is going to happen if our society know that their are aliens out there that once or more than once had contact with us human beans another thing I would like to point out is they may be wachting us u think their here with us because many UFO are around the oceans I think the many be here trying to contact us still. I hope one day we will know the truth or maybe this might be a mystery that should be discovered or not.

  23. Can someone please tell we're does culture society came from for evmxample back,white,and Hispanic were has this common traits came from???

  24. Pingback: Anonymous
  25. Hmmm…. I think something is afoot. We all believe this because we want to believe. Yet, all this so called 'we have evidence' starts popping up AND IT IS IN MEXICO AND THE GOVERNMENT HAS HAD IT FOR 80 YEARS. Really? Wouldnt you think their space program would be 'out of this world?' Wouldnt one think that in this day and age, something this important to the human race, would have constant attention from the world? Contant Live Surveilance? "Proving whats been known for centuries?' To me it is terrible to even think someone would State this and then Leave the World Hanging. Something is afoot. Good or Bad. Hopefully Good.

  26. seems good. but may b in faith they hav something in that……………
    not yet officilaly govt not said about aliens and UFO's they is no official announcment from NASA, but most of peoples they belive Aliens Exist…………so peoles u have to check ur answers okay
    this is
    Scientist Mr Aryan <a href="http://www.7pulse.blogspot.com” target=”_blank”>www.7pulse.blogspot.com

  27. I think we all need to remember the Ability of Mind Control. I think are leaders havent told because they dont have the ability. Are the Illuminati symbols in movies and entertainment actually the warnings of those that are being controlled…that The Men of Dark Intentions…….Are Watching Us. Please reply……

  28. The government don't want the public to know truth about aliens, once the public knows the truth the world will be different, people will second guess religion and the government wil notl have the control and power that they want. Plus if u were an alien from another planet would u really want to to make friends with humans, HELL NO! Everything relys on money and power, and u cannot trust us.

  29. This is Mr. Micheal, Ufologist
    About Aliens its true only, NASA also know about this but they not expose, they are 34 type Aliens now exist , they came Earth, but most of peoples aware about only 4types. some Aliens are so advance technology from us, some are not yet develop like us…..its a big Universe, in this Universe some billions of may be exist, in that no dought
    For more details please check my channels links….. https://www.youtube.com/thirdphaseofearth http://ufo9x.blogspot.in/

  30. Sorry Dec 21,2012 is not the end of world Its False Prophecy,Nobody knows the Date.Look in the Bible Jesus says He will preached to all nations before theend of time and people will turn back to him before this happens.Only 4% of teenagers today know Jesus.Its all False Prophecy

    • you should know your timer on task because when I heard that it almost gave me a heart attack but it didn't so I forgive you

    • some people think when they said that 201 2 was the end of the world,did you ever stop to think.they didnt mean this world.but perhaps a different one?

  31. I think we all need to remember the Ability of Mind Control. I think are leaders havent told because they dont have the ability. Are the Illuminati symbols in movies and entertainment actually the warnings of those that are being controlled…that The Men of Dark Intentions…….Are Watching Us. Please reply


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