WWN readers have selected the Top 10 Houseplants of 2012.

Well, the votes are finally in and WWN readers have made the tough decision of picking the top ten houseplants for 2012.   This year we did something different – we did NOT ask houseplant experts to vote, but instead let it up to our readers to decide.
Congratulations to all the houseplants that made the list this year.
The common thread for all the winning houseplants was that they were easy to take care of and needed very little maintenance.  These houseplants are all “easy-going and cool”, as one of our readers, Tommy Chanston, said.
All these plants can survive for a very long time and do well on the windowsill, in the bathroom or near the couch.  “These are all perfect houseplants and will keep you happy for many, many years,” said Susan Winkloss, a reader from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Here’s the winners:

1. Spathiphyllum – a plant that can bloom all year long. Its white flowers protruding from the thicket of leaves, similar to the hollow wedges with a whisk.  Spathiphyllum  is easy to water. In spring and summer watering it more often, and in winter it must be  exposed to the light.  Plant in a large pot, because this plant loves to grow.
2. Dracaena – a plant that resembles a small palm tree. It stoically copes with the shadows and the cold. Put this plant anywhere, but it prefers being  a short distance from the window.

3. Aloe Vera –   A beautiful, soothing plant.  Do not put it next to other plants. Aloe likes light but not too bright. In the summer it loves hanging out on a  balcony.  The plant should be transplanted every year.
4. Krassula or jade tree –  Popularly referred to as money tree.  It should get plenty of sunlight. In the summer she likes to relax in the fresh air and can easily stand the heat.  Jade should be watered abundantly, but in the winter – with caution, only when the soil dries. Avoid getting it waterlogged – at the bottom of the pot is better for drainage. Repot the plant is only useful when it grows out of its pot.

5. Kalanchoe, or briofillum, – a plant from the Crassulaceae family with fleshy succulent leaves. Kalanchoe blooms in late winter for a few months, small flowers – pink, yellow or orange, but more red. These plants like bright sunlight. winter, however, they, on the contrary, obscure. Kalanchoe need watering sparingly, lest the land time to dry out. In winter, reduce watering.In the summer take out your pet outdoors.
6. Schlumberger, or the Decembrist, – a plant which is so called because of the flowering time: its flowers bloom in December. Pots can be hung with the Decembrist over the sill, and then the green shoots jointed, covered with sharp buds and bright flowers, multi-tier, will travel along nicely along the window. Schlumberger prefers bright, but nesolnechnoe location. In spring and summer it will be better in partial shade, but flowering period – on the south window, but protected from direct sunlight.Period of active growth Schlumbergera – from March to August, when it needs heat, frequent spraying and watering with warm water.

7. Epipremnum – a plant stem with twine, like a vine with heart-shaped green leaves with white spots. Epipremnum can reach five feet in length. If the plant is grown in the kitchen, it will absorb carbon dioxide and uglekisny and other harmful substances. The leaves are large, and the stem is thick, put in enough Epipremnum lit place. Pour it as dry land.Wipe or spray the leaves.
8. Abutilon – woody plant with  green and white-variegated leaves. From early spring to late autumn abutilon happy owners of large flowers in the shape of bells, an orange or red. The plant loves light. In winter, it requires to maintain the temperature of 8-10 degrees and water sparingly. Aerobatics – shortened shoots abutilona spring and transplant it into fresh soil. In summer let him get some fresh air on a sunny balcony.Do not forget to remove the pan from the excess water.

9. Coleus – a plant with soft velvety leaves, unusual patterns and colors: white, cream, green, burgundy, bronze or purple. The main thing is that it takes Coleus – is warm, so do not expose it to the wind and keep away from open windows in winter.
10. Ehmeya – a plant with broad leaves, covered with thorns and flowers, securely protected, pointed bracts, – pink, coral, gold or blue. Ehmei love the light, but are afraid of sunlight, and can not live without heat. From November to March, watering is not necessary, at other times – ensure that the soil was slightly moist. On very hot days and watering ehmeyu spray it in a funnel of leaves, but carefully: the water in the cup should not be constant, otherwise the leaves will rot. Ehmeya transplanted every 2 years.
Good luck to all the houseplants that entered the competition this year – try again in 2013!

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