A 29-year-old Tokyo man,  Kenichi Ito, has gone bananas. He’s the fastest monkey runner in the world.
The 29-year-old Tokyo man has spent the past eight and a half years developing a four-legged running style modeled after the African Patas monkey. The process has involved Ito walking around his suburban neighborhood and performing household chores on all fours, and even squatting like a simian while talking to others.
This lifestyle is no monkey business, though.
In November 2008, Ito set the world record for running 100 meters on all fours. His time was 18.58 seconds, according to Guinness World Records.

In addition to his speedy gallop, Ito has developed five other distinct styles of movement on all fours, the International Business Times reported. He draws inspiration from the animal world, utilizing both the Internet and his season ticket to the zoo.
Ito has had to endure more than just curious stares for the sake of his craft. He told Reuters that while practicing in the mountains, he was almost shot by a hunter who mistook him for a wild boar.
His dedication stems from a love of monkeys that dates back to childhood, Ito says he has identified with the animals from an early age, and that “somewhere inside of me I had this ambition to adopt one of their traits.” Ito found this trait when he saw a monkey running quickly. “From that point on,” he said, “I practiced running like a monkey every day.”

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  1. I do this all the time… I have developed more than 20 different forms of what I call "beast walking." In my version I imitate horses instead of monkeys

  2. The neck is short, muscular, and broad at the base; the withers broad and low; the chest deep; the shoulders muscular and slightly sloping; the back long; the croup broad, muscular, short and slightly sloping. The legs are strong and short, with relatively long cannon bones and short pasterns.


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