AUGUSTA, MAINE – The mythical large winter cat, Babatoona, was spotted in Maine, Vermont and parts of New Jersey.
Babatoona was thought to be a mythical beast.  It is closes to a Canadian lynx – a large cat native to the wilds of North America.  But he is much bigger, stronger and faster.  Babatoona is extremely elusive, and shies away from humans.   He has been called “BigClaw” by those who have seen him
A park ranger in Maine caught the beast on camera. Babatoona was captured on March 28 as it walked through the woods near Augusta, Maine.
Spotting Babatoona is rarer than finding Bigfoot, in part, because it is much faster and blends in with the snow.

Babatoona is hyper-intelligent and many consider it the smartest animal on the planet.   The animal weighs over 1200 pounds and is about ten feet long and five feet high.  There are some that think Babatoona is half-human.

In the last 15 years, there have been six sightings of Babatoona.  There have been others  that have seen the beast, but those people obviously did not survive the attack.

Babatoona has been known to kill up to 100 deer in a day.  It is alos one of the few animals that can take on a Grizzly Bear.  “It’s not even a fair fight,” said Park Ranger Jeb Stuart.  “Babatoona will rip a grizzly to shreds.”
The Discovery Channel is launching a new series this summer, “Finding Babatoona.”  It should be another hit for the network.

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  1. The atop picture was actualy captured by Parks Canada using their stop motion cameras
    as the cat, Babatoona crossed one of the Trans Canada Hiway over passes this past
    March 28th Yahoo! News.ca reported. Just to let you know.


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