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In the meantime.  Here’s some fun facts about the Titanic:
How many people were on the maiden voyage of Titanic?
No one knows for sure, since they didn’t keep a proper list. There are several “complete” passenger lists, but none of them match up to each other.
How many feet long was the Titanic?
882.5. She was longer than four city blocks.
Which company built the Titanic?
Harland and Wolff. The shipyard is still in business today.
Was it the Captain’s fault?
Captains of that era thought it wise to go full-speed ahead on cold, clear, calm, icy nights. The captain of the Titanic could not be faulted for negligence, as many respected captains of his time followed the same procedure.
Who was the captain of the Titanic?
Edward J. Smith. Rostron was captain of the Carpathia, Lord was captain of the Californian, and Murdoch was first officer on the Titanic.
Was the Titanic the first to use the SOS call?
Actually, the Republic, an earlier wreck, had used the SOS signal, with great success.
What company owned the Titanic?
White Star Line, under IMM. The White Star Line, a British company, owned the Titanic, but that company was owned by International Mercantile Marine, an American company. Cunard was its rival, because it was a separate and independent line, while the American was under IMM. The Hamburg Line was a separate German company.
Who managed the White Star Line?
Bruce Ismay. Thomas Andrews was a designer for Harland and Wolff. Lord Pierre was a board member of both White Star Line and IMM. (He also thought of the idea for the Titanic.) J.P. Morgan owned IMM, therefore he also owned the White Star Line.
What city was the Titanic’s home port?
Liverpool was the home port for all White Star Line ships, but most made their main port-of-call Southampton.


How many funnels did the ship have?
Three, plus a fourth which was a dummy. Three of Titanic’s funnels actually worked, while the fourth was used to let off galley smoke and as extra storage space for deck chairs.
Which is the most accurate Titanic movie, in terms of the actual event?
James Cameron’s “Titanic”. James Cameron’s “Titanic”, though it has its faults, is the most historically accurate movie so far. “A Night to Remember” is the next closest, and the other three are so off, it’s not funny. “Atlantic” was a Nazi propaganda film, “Raise the Titanic” was an epic flop, and the 1953 version couldn’t even get the iceberg to hit the correct side.
Which side of the ship hit the iceberg?
Starboard. In Cameron’s movie, we hear “hard-a-starboard.” Nowadays, that would make the ship hit the iceberg on the port side, but back then, they still steered a ship according to sailing ship rules, meaning the rudder moved the opposite way as the wheel.
The Titanic carried thousands of priceless treasures in her hold. True?
The only real treasures the Titanic carried to the deep were the lives of over 1500 people, some of their jewels, and one jewel-encrusted copy of the “Rubaiyat”.
Which classes had elevators?First class had three elevators, second class had one, and the third class had to make do with stairs.


Which names were the orginally planned names of the three sister ships?
Mauretania, Titanic, Gigantic. The White Star Line changed the name of the third sister for many reasons, one of which being the fear people held of ostentatious names after the Titanic sank. The Lusitania was a Cunard ship that was sunk by a German submarine in 1915. The Republic was another, smaller White Star ship.

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  1. Edward J. Smith, the Captain, was planning on making Titanic his last voyage before retirement. Sadly, it was his last voyage.


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