Gas is SO expensive that innovative Americans are making their own gasoline at home.
Why make your own fuel? Because you can!  Because you have no choice!
People around the country are fed up with gas prices so they are making their own gasoline.  This is particularly popular in the Western part of New Jersey.  They’re calling this homemade gasoline:  Jersey Moonshine.
Here’s one way to do it:
1. Go buy about 20 gallons of motor oil and dump in your bath tub.
2. Get a huge plastic sheet, a squeegee and some drip pans and then seal off the bathroom, then put the drip pans on the floor.
3. Use a hair dryer and blow it over the oil for a couple of days. You should see the oil reduce to solid chunks and the gasoline part has evaporated and is all over the ceiling and walls. Just Squeegee the gas off the walls into the drip pans and then dump it in your car!

If that doesn’t work, we’ll go to:
Plan B
1. Buy the oil and dump it in the tub.
2. Mix in about 10 gallons of Acetone, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits and Gumout fuel injector cleaner. Mix it up well.
3. Go to your basement and disconnect the drain pipe of the bathtub.
4. Put a really fine particle .0000001 micron Fram Ultra gard Plus oil filter on the end of the pipe and filter out all the oil from the mixture. What is left over is PURE gasoline
Dump the gas in your car and go out for a cruise waving at the stupid people @ each gas station as you pass on by.

Here’s another suggestion from a WWN reader:
Take 1 measure each of ethanol, water and toluene. Mix ’em up and what have you got? Homemade gasoline. Add a dash of acetone to improve combustability.
Provided that the raw materials can be purchased relatively cheaply in bulk it may turn out that home-made gasoline is cheaper than the stuff at the pump.

Another WWN reader had this suggestion to make gasoline for otorcycles and small engines
1) Cover the top of a table in a well-ventilated area with plastic. Put on safety glasses and rubber gloves.
2) Measure 6.8 ounces of methyl alcohol or wood alcohol into a glass beaker. Pour the alcohol into the glass pitcher of a blender, and place the pitcher on the blender.
3) Weigh a small plastic bowl on the scale and write down the weight. Slowly add 3.5 grams of lye drain cleaner to the bowl. Calculate this measurement by noting the weight of the bowl combined with the weight of the granules. For example, if the bowl weighs 2 grams, then the total weight of the bowl and the granules should be 5.5 grams.
4)  Turn the blender on to the lowest speed. Add the lye slowly to the alcohol and blend for two minutes until all the lye has dissolved. Do not turn off the blender.
5) Add 1.1 quarts (1 liter) of vegetable oil to the mixture in the blender. Blend for 30 minutes on low-speed.
6) Turn off the blender and immediately pour the mixture into a wide-mouth jar that you have marked as “POISON.” Allow this to sit for eight to 10 hours.
7) Pour the light-colored methanol carefully into a storage container marked “METHANOL.” Be careful not to pour into the container any of the glycerin that’s been created. You can also use a pump to remove the methanol without disturbing the glycerin.
Do NOT do any of the above without supervision from SOMEBODY WHO KNOWS WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING…
Do YOU have any suggestions for making homemade gasoline?  Share it with everybody!!

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  1. I once read about a process of making charcol, and one of the byproducts was gasoline. Its not a cost effective way, though. If it was, theyd already be doing it in bulk.


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