A new site prints out your Twitter feed on rolls of toilet paper.
The site S***ter charges $35 for four rolls of paper printed with 140-word Tweets.
The Tweets appear printed on sheets with about four Tweets per sheet.

Obviously this is fairly tongue in cheek, but we’re reasonably pleased we monetized Twitter in a way that avoided advertising,’ said founder David Gillespie, in an interview with Venturebeat, which found the company.
‘We all have other jobs, though would obviously like to make it a full-time thing. I don’t know where the revenue is, it may very well wind up needing to be funded by brands. I can’t imagine Kleenex putting their name to it.’
The site’s slogan is ‘Social Media has never been so disposable.’

Two hundred million Tweets are posted worldwide every day.
Even Twitter’s own users admit that much of what is posted via the popular microblogging service is not worth reading, according to a survey by Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.
Around 130 million messages a day sent out on Twitter are not worth reading, says a survey of the site’s own users.
Account holders admit only a third of the tweets they receive are of any interest, and the rest are largely forgotten almost immediately.
Rob Waugh
Daily Mail

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  1. LOL..!! I really like the slogan 'Social Media has never been so disposable' . It seems that people find one way or the other to promote their products and now since social media promotion is on the rise, even S***ers are getting promoted on the basis of promoting tweets.


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