NEW YORK – Tim Tebow is hitting the high seas with Carnival Cruises for a faith-based football cruise this May.
At a press conference today, Doug Pavey, head of Carnival’s press relations, and New York Jet Tim Tebow took the stage at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal to announce the “Tim Tebow Faith ‘n’ Football Cruise.”

The trip will make its maiden voyage on the Carnival Miracle. Tebow made it clear that he was an integral part of planning. “We’ll be leaving from my new city and stopping at some of my favorite places. We’ll even pass by my hometown of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Then down to Orlando and the Bahamas. I’m picking the menus for dinner every night, so they’ll be lots of gulf shrimp and my mother’s Florida orange pie.”
Though a detailed itinerary has yet to be made public, Tebow and Carnival promise daily morning sermons led by the Jets quarterback, as well as afternoon NFL reels and discussions.
The cruise will depart from New York on May 22nd and return on May 30th. Ports of call include Port Canaveral (Orlando), Nassau (Bahamas) and Freeport (Bahamas).

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6 thoughts on “THE TIM TEBOW CRUISE”

  1. I think Tebow is just using Christianity to get attention. If he were as pious as he claims, he should give up the limelight and join a monastery.

  2. You are a jerk. He reaches so many people doing what he's doing. Besides, he LOVES to play football!! Can't he do what he loves and serve the Lord as well?

  3. Right on, Sea! What I want to know is what happened to the cruise? …or was it all a stupid joke? Tim Tebow was not involved if it was a hoax. Well, shucks, I wanted to sign up and go cruise with Tim Tebow.


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