Residents of Kirby fear a large flying reptile.
KIRBY, Wyo. — Citizens of a small town in Wyoming are locking their doors and refusing to leave as a creature with a 22-foot wingspan stalks the skies. Residents first reported sightings of the Cretaceous-era creature pteranodon yesterday. Today, not only do the reports persist, but they claim the creature is beginning to attack anyone walking the streets of Kirby.
Though the flying reptile’s diet is known to have existed of mostly fish, the creature is reported to be aggressively pecking people and even lifting some off to an unknown location. It is thought that the beast has a nest somewhere within the higher elevations of Kirby.

Scientists are baffled as to how a creature that lived nearly 65 million years ago has made a return to terrorize the town’s inhabitants. So far, theories range from an escaped lab project to a preserved family of pterosaurs that has lived on in the caves of Wyoming. While they try to center on the why, scientists are also focusing on the how — particularly, how to catch the creature.

The beast is known for its long, toothless beak, as well as a crested skull. The size of this particular animal’s skull has led scientists to believe that it is a male. Nicknamed “Wingy,” the pteranodon may or may not be acquiring food for younger members of its family, as he is the sole creature confirmed to exist. Citizens of Kirby are encouraged to keep all animals within their homes and stables, and are asked to not try to engage the animal in battle.

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  1. Dog-gone it! I live outside of Kirby and you guys got it all wrong! This thing's been flyin around and botherin us for years! It's just in the last few days that this varmint's gotten out my neighborhood and made it's way downtown!
    I've made it my life's mission to take this sucker out! So far I've tried shootin at it with my Mossberg, tried a big net one time, and even tried shinin a laser in the critter's eyes! Nothin's worked! Next, I'm thinkin of trying to bring it down with a fire hose. If anyone's got any better suggestions, please send 'em my way at wildluke456@yahoo.com.

  2. If you don't think it's real, why don't you city slickers make your way up round Kirby way and get a dag-gone haircut from this critter's wings when he swoops down to give you a fly-by! Maybe he'll do one better and drop a prehistoric poop on ya! Then you'll know it's real!

  3. seriously, youre on the Weekly World News website. Do you really to Need to ask if this is a real story? Their logo is Bat Boy


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