Tim Tebow announced last night that he is running for Senate in his home state of Florida.

When asked about running for office, Tim Tebow told golf commentator Dave Feherty on a “Feherty Live” special from the Super Bowl the other night: “I don’t know — it could be something in my future. If it’s something I care about, possibly.”

But last night, Tebow announced that he will running for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida currently occupied by Bob Nelson.  “I know I can beat him. And I am running as a Republican.”

How can Tebow run for Senator AND the quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  “I have very strong work ethic.  I can play  on Sundays and campaign during the week in-between my practices and work-outs,” Tebow reportedly said. “I won’t take office until after we win the Super Bowl in February 2013, so I know there won’t be much of a conflict.  After that I think I can be a Senator and a quarterback.  Being a Senator is the easy job.”

Tebow is 24, so technically he has to wait a year to run for Congress, but Congress is installing “The Tebow Rule” which allows anyone named Tim Tebow, who happens to play in the NFL, run for Congress.

Tebow has said in many interviews that football is only a conduit to helping people, so this makes perfect sense. And he’s already more popular than many other Senatorial candidates today.

Why doesn’t Tebow run for President?  “He just too young, the Supreme Court would have to rule on that,” said a source close to the Denver Broncos.

Tebow already has support from an unlikely source… Alec Baldwin:

The host of “NFL Honors” on NBC was kneeling down when Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow stepped up and showed Baldwin how it’s really done.

“Bless you, Tim,” Baldwin responded.

And Katy Perry is doing her best to catch Tim’s eye:

“Hi Tim, my parents said hi,” Perry told Tebow. Both of the 27-year-old singer’s parents are pastors — Tebow was raised by missionary parents.

Polls already show Tebow winning 60-70% of the vote in the election.  Senator Tebow on the way…

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