DAVOS – The world’s elite all agree that the Facebook IPO will be the most important world event since the invention of fire!
The world’s elite leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos said that the upcoming Facebook IPO could potential heal ALL the world’s economic and social problems.
“To me, this event is bigger than the big bang.  The Facebook IPO will eliminate the need for governments, will help feed the poor and will also start us on a path to end global warming,”  a prominent European leader told WWN.
“There’s never been an event as big as this in world history,” said the Prime Minister of a major Asian country.

Some of the other aspects of social networking site Facebook becoming a public company are the jobs growth and social change it represents, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of the company, told CNBC Sunday.
“If this is seen as an opportunity for jobs and for people to use their work to change the world that’s what we want to be a part of,” Sandberg said at a CNBC debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Reports on Friday suggested that Facebook is preparing to announce an initial public offering Wednesday. The listing is the most anticipated of the decade and could raise up to $100 billion for the company, founded just seven years ago by Harvard undergraduate Mark Zuckerberg.
Since then, it has gained billions of users and was credited with helping people organize the protests which became known as the Arab Spring, along with site Twitter.
“We need social networks in emerging markets and authoritarian regimes,” Alejandro Ramirez, chief executive of Cineopolis told the audience. “We saw what happened in the Arab Spring – they can empower the common citizen and become a powerful tool to liberate populations.”

Sandberg warned that even liberal Western governments are attempting to limit the power of social networks. The growth of Facebook, Twitter and file-sharing internet companies has caused alarm over potential violations of intellectual property.
“The new digital divide is the difference between people who have access to free internet and people whose access is closed,” she said.
The world is looking for economic growth – the kind of economic growth that feeds a billion people and that employs people all around the world.  And the world’s elite feel that the Facebook IPO will do this – and more.
“World history will be broken down to BF (before Facebook) and AF (after Facebook),”  a top U.S. Treasury Department executive told WWN.
How does this affect Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to end Facebook on March 15th, 2012.
“The world will be changed in February, and Mark’s work will be done.  There will be no need for Facebook, we will all be living on a higher plane.”
One world leader put it this way,  “Facebook is bigger than Jesus.”
Let the healing begin…

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