An asteroid will ricochet off the North Pole on Friday.   It will hit the ice and shoot back into space.

This is the first time an asteroid will bounced off earth.  Scientists say that if the thickness and composition of ice matches the composition of an asteroid, than the asteroid will ricochet back into space.
“It’s an event that happens, only once every seven hundred years,” said cosmologist Dane Wilkins.
The asteroid, estimated to be about 96ft in diameter, was first detected on Wednesday.
The space rock – named 2014 BX34 – will hit the north pole after barely missing the Moon.

Astronomers stress that there is no cause for concern.
“Nobody will be hurt, unless you are walking on the polar ice cap.  A polar bear MAY be hurt, but the chances are slim,” said Barry Willis, associate director of the US-based Minor Planet Center.
“It makes it in to the top 20 asteroid events in the history of the world,”  Willis told WWN.
The asteroid’s path makes it the closest space-rock to pass by the Earth since object 2011 MD in June 2011.

Earlier estimates had put the asteroid’s closest distance at as little as 5,000 miles, near the distance at which geostationary satellites reside, but observations by observatories overnight showed it will hit the north pole and bounce off.

Although the asteroid will not be visible to the naked eye, Dr Williams said that keen backyard astronomers could get a look.
“We’ve had three sets of observations in the last few hours from amateur observers in the UK,” he said.  “They all confirm ‘the bounce'”.
If you are outside at 4pm EST today, you may catch a glimpse of the Asteroid Bounce.

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  1. it's fake i just checked <a href="http://www.sky-map.com” target=”_blank”>www.sky-map.com and there is no such a location so yeah don't play me as a joke. and i don't think that alien invasion is true either because it would be all over the news. and even if there was and if they were hostile they would have killed us by now and blew up our world frank lake if thats even your real name. because i think it might be fake lake.

  2. This is really a close call. Dr. Phil Sabben, astro-biologist at University of Alaska – Barrow, will be recording the events and webcasting in real time. Dr. Sabban and research assistant Becky Johannson, have formulated a theory backed by the current location and velocity of the Gootan mothership, that this was a test of a powerful new Gootan weapon. Several anomalies in the asteroid belt, along with increased geo-thermal activity in the Muallin River basin of southern Chile have led many experts to believe that hundreds, if not thousands of Gootan battleships have mustered just beyond the asteroids, and this may explain why.

  3. How the hell would it bounce all the way back, anyway!!!!!!!! Does ANY of those 'astronomers' know about a little something called PHYSICS???????????????

    • Really, you need to educate yourself on these things. When you skip a stone off of the water, does it come back to you? No, it goes back up into the air.

  4. Of course its fake. Everything that this website says is fake. I mean look at the pictures, even a moron would now that any celestial body traveling through space at speed would create some kind of tail after it. Rather than these photoshoped pics

    • Why would something create a tail?
      Comets do not have a tail until they enter the inner solar system, as radiation from the sun turns ice to water vapor. (with no atmospheric pressure, there is no place for liquid water) Other than comets which contain ice, celestial bodies, no matter what the speed, do not create tails. Meteors, "shooting stars", have tails, only when they enter the atmosphere. Their speed creates lots of friction with the air molecules its passing through, and vaporizes the solid elements, it "burns up".

    • Ironic that one would worry more about stories being "fake" than worried about the need to attend G.E.D. spelling classes.

  5. I just spoke to my contact at the office of Homeland Security. He informed me that Bruce Willis will be heading up a team to fly up into space and land on the asteroid. At that time they will drill into the asteroid and place a nuclear device into the rock. This will prevent the asteroid from continuing on its trajectory toward earth.

    • Yes, it was an elongated rocky asteroid approximately 96 feet wide on the long side, and it has already skimmed the north pole and shot back into space. It was almost certainly a test of a new Gootan weapon involving minor planets.

  6. The Gammilons were the bad guys on an animated show called Star Blazers. In Japan the show was called Space Cruiser Yamato. You have to be an anime geek to get the joke.

  7. Isnt it strange that planets with space travel attack Earth by throwing ROCKS? You would think they would use lasers, microwaves or neutron bombs.


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