Two porn stars plan a pole dancing battle to be mayor of Italian town Taranto.

The idea of the average mayor pole dancing would not appeal to most voters, but in the Italian town of Taranto, porn stars Amandha Fox and Luana Borgia both think it will get one of them the job.

Amandha Fox and Luana Borgia are vying to become the next civic leader of the town, and are hoping to wow voters not only with their mandates, but also with their pole dancing skills.

Here’s Amandha Fox:

Here’s Luana Borgia:

The pair have arranged a pole dancing night next month when voters can come along to hear about local election issues, although how many will turn up for a keen policy discussion is unclear because the two will also strip for the voters.

Town supervisor, Mimmo Pavese told WWN: ‘We want to be fair so we would like to invite any other candidate to come along and dance and strip, too.”

Amandha added: “I want voters to see the real me” – and judging by her previous career she means rather a lot – if not all – of her.

It’s not yet clear if the other candidates are interested in taking up the challenge, or indeed even if the town’s voters want to see their future leader in such a compromising position.

The pair could perhaps take some tips from Czech councillor Vendula Kroupova, who posted X-rated photos of herself on Facebook.

Ms Kroupova uploaded snaps of herself posing topless in ripped fishnets but maintained the images were ‘art’.

“If someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to vote for me,” she said.

The Fox and Borgia is starting a trend of porn stars seeking political office.  Maybe one will be a late entry into the 2012 Presidential election.

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  1. I just hope the candidates here in the US dont get the same idea. The last thing I want to see is Gingrich or Obama pole dancing

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