NEW YORK –  Authorities are dealing with a unique health in Manhattan:  wild possum are terrorizing residents!

Wild possum have been spotted all over Manhattan and have attacked numerous residents – many who have been taken to New York hospitals and treated for multiple possum bites, rabies and several other possum-related diseases.

A number of possum have been spotted on subways – particularly the D, F and B trains.  Strangely, though the possums have only been spotted in Manhattan, so they seem to get off the trains before heading to Queens or Brooklyn.

Last straphangers on the D train were shocked to see a herd of possum attacking an elderly man.  “They was chewing on his face and hands.  We tried to beat them off, but there was too many of them and they was attacking everybody after that,” said Rodney Williams of Manhattan.

Authorities captured a few of the creatures and brought them back to the crime lab in Manhattan.  “We had a tough time identifying them at first.  Some of us thought they were big rats, but then we knew they were possum, but we debated for hours whether they were possum or opossum.”    One NYPD officer told WWN that the he was instructed that the “white devil” opossums were more deadly and dangerous than the regular darker skinned possum.  “We want all citizens to look out for the white devils.”

The intrepid marsupials are sneaky.  They usually curl up under seats, close radiator, and seem to like the “feel” of moving trains.  Here’s a photo taken after an entire D train was attacked.

Opossums tend to like trees. They are not big burrowers, although they have been known to venture below ground in search of food or warmth. And unlike rats or pigeons, they do not commonly carouse within the city’s mass transit system.

But the opossum, as it turns out, is a nomadic creature — and if they feel “threatened”, they will attack.  “We think they are more dangerous than the Honey Badger,” said Marsupial Specialist, Tanya Redmondi.

Officials from New York Animal Control are inundated with “possum sightings” and are trying to keep up with the calls.  “We have asked the federal government for help,” said Amir Blasov from Animal Control.  “They said they would be sending help and have the National Guard ready to roll in and protect our citizens.”

Beware the possum!

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