ITALY – Costa Concordia cruise ship Captain, Francesco Schettino (Captain Coward) is reportedly being haunted by Titanic Captain, Edward John Smith.

They call him Captain Coward – the skipper who had no intention of going down with his ship. While the passengers of the doomed Costa Concordia cruise liner were caught up in the confusion after the ship ran aground, witnesses have told how Captain Francesco Schettino and many of his crew headed for the lifeboats.

One couple, French military officer Ophelie Gondelle and police officer David Du Pays, said they saw the captain in a lifeboat, covered by a blanket, well before all the passengers were off the ship.

Asked about the suggestion that the captain had abandoned ship, senior prosecutor Francesco Verusio said: “Unfortunately, I must confirm that circumstance.”

NOW, there are reports that Schettino, 52, who is in custody with Italian authorities, is being haunted by the brave Titanic captain, Edward John  Smith.  Capt Schettino, being charged with manslaughter.

Schettino has been telling guards that  the Ghost of Edward John Smith has been harassing him in his cell and has attacked him.  Italian authorities have confirmed that Schettino has a number of unexplained bruises, though some believe they are self-infliced.

Captain Edward John Smith, who was partly responsible for the sinking of the Titanic because he had the ship going too fast through waters littered with icebergs, is still considered a hero and an example of what a Captain is  supposed to do – go down with the ship.

Schettino is a coward.   He was the FIRST person in the lifeboats.  He was told by his crew to get back into the lifeboat.


Survivors of the disaster – which killed at least six people with 15 still missing – have turned their fury on the captain after it was claimed he may have been “showboating” for friends on shore moments before the liner collided with rocks near Giglio island off the Tuscany coast.

Italian investigators are working on the theory that the $580 million, 16-storey ship carrying 4200 passengers and crew – including 23 Australians – sailed too close to the island to greet an officer from the Italian merchant navy, who was friendly with the crew on the ship.

“Indications are that there may have been significant human error on the part of Capt Schettino,” the ship’s owners Costa Crociere said yesterday.

Prosecutors described Capt Schettino’s handling of the craft as “inept” and he was forced to deny additional damaging claims that he left the ship to save himself, had been spotted in the bar and even raided the safe before leaving.

The ship was sailing little more than 100m from the rocky coast of Giglio when it should have been at least 10 times that distance. Capt Schettino said his charts and navigation system showed he was in “safe water” and that the rocks he hit were unmarked.

It is a claim that has amazed locals, who say the dangers were well known.

First Officer Ciro Ambrosio was also arrested and detained with Capt Schettino at Porto Santo Stefano on the Italian mainland before being transferred to prison.

A judge will now decide whether Capt Schettino should be released or formally arrested.

Under the Italian navigation code, a captain who abandons a ship in danger can face up to 12 years in prison.  He may be able to survive prison, but he Captain Edward John Smith may make his stay a bit  shorter.


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  1. captain shettin"s statement is untenable titanic captain Edwed must have been haunting to save the lives .He must be punished with the Italian navigation code maximum punishment of 12 years imprisonment then only the unatural lost lives will rest in peace.


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