The first International World Watching Paint Dry Championship is being held over the next two months.  Competition is stiff.

Watching paint dry isn’t as boring as it sounds with people around the world posting pictures of themselves staring at walls in order to be crowned the World Watching Paint Dry champion.

The competition has proved popular across the globe, with contestants from the US, India, Russia, Brazil, Australia, China and Hungary all posting pictures of their paint-watching escapades.

Those looking to compete in the championships must send in a photo of themselves watching paint dry and state the longest time they’ve managed to stare at a wall of drying paint without looking away.  The organizers will then invite the top 64 paint watchers from around the world to a small town in central England where the paint watching elimination tournament will take place.

In the preliminary rounds, a wall will be painted with the favorite color of each contestant and they will have to stare at the wall for as long as they can.  There is a five-minute break every hour. If the paint dries before a contestant gives up, they must continue staring at the wall until all contestants have been eliminated.

In the semi-finals and finals, contestants will stare at a wall painted with a color they dislike and they must stand within six feet of the other competitor.

There is also a “doubles” competition:

The winner will get $100,000 and a new coat of paint on their home.

To enter the preliminary contest GO HERE

“We’re pleased that championship paint watchers from across the world have put themselves forward for the competition and nominations from as far away as India and the US make give it a real international flavor.”

The British claim to be the best paint watchers in the world and far outnumber the contestants registering for the world championship.  Here’s Ian Chalmers, a three-time British champion:

“Paint is used throughout the world so I suppose in a way it’s no surprise we’ve had foreign entrants willing to challenge some of Britain’s best paint watchers.”

Fro some reason, it is a male dominated event, with no female paint watchers in the competition as of this report.

BTW, this competitor (above) was eliminated from the competition.  You are not allowed to touch the wall while staring.

Submissions for the championships must be made by January 27.

The championship event will be televised globally.


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