IRAN –  Iranian officials  confirmed today that they have found Noah’s Ark!
A team of top Iranian archaeologists discovered the prominent ancient boat at just over 13,000 feet on Mount Suleiman in Iran’s Elburz mountain range over the weekend.

“It is absolutely, certainly Noah’s ark,” said Tariz Ibaq, president of the Koran Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute, based in Tehran.  The group went on an expedition five months ago and were pleased to make the dramatic discovery.

Photos taken by KASE members show a prow-shaped outcrop, made of petrified wood, emerging from a ridge in the mountains.

“We have had thin sections of the rock and identified ancient wood cell structures,” Ibaq said.

Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said this proves that Noah’s ark came to its final resting placein Iran and proves that Iranians are God’s “chosen people.”

The story of Noah’s ark is told in three major world religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The Book of Genesis describes a great flood created by God “to destroy all life under the heavens.”

But before the flood, God told Noah, one of his human followers, to build an ark and fill it with two of every species on the Earth.

Once Noah had done this, it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. After 7 months and 17 days the waters receded, according to Genesis, and the ark came to rest on the mountains in Iran.

Most Bible scholars had interpreted this to refer to Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, but according to Iranian authorities, it is Iran where the famous ark came to rest.

“The Bible gives us a compass direction here, and it is not in the direction of Turkey. Instead it points directly towards Iran,” said Biblical scholar Christopher Rigaux.

What will the Iranians do with Noah’s Ark?  They have not revealed their plans… but they are collecting animals from around the world.  Hmmm….

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15 thoughts on “NOAH'S ARK FOUND IN IRAN!”

  1. Noahs arc is a metophorical arc that only carried dna of each and every living organism including plants. So that when the so called "flood" came and whiped the earth clean that we would be able to recreate what we know today.

  2. They have dna banks on the poles full of every species right now they could start from scratch just with those dna banks how do you think the aliens got rid of neanderthals and earlier humans. To think we are the first and last form is down right childish.

  3. Noah's Ark is IS in Turkey,and The Red Sea Crossing has been found,Sodom and the other cities,and the real MT SINAI also has been found, evolutionists morn,check it out!!!


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