NORTH POLE –   An ominous white rainbow has been hovering over Arctic sky for weeks.
The rare phenomena, named a fog bow, was spotted by several explorers, including Sam Dobson, during a recent expedition to the North Pole.
As their ice breaking ship cruised through the chilly waters, Dobson clocked the arching rainbow but was stunned to see it was completely white.
He quickly grabbed his camera, and despite freezing temperatures, captured the unique sight.
The 51-year-old, from Russia, said: ‘It was around midnight, but because of the time of year it was still fairly light… At first it just looked like a cloud, but as we got closer it was a solid rainbow, but white.”

About two dozen other explorers – from Russia, Sweden and Canada – also have seen the white rainbow.  The rainbow has not gone away for over two weeks.
‘We were so impressed with it we all got off onto a floating slab of ice to take a closer look.It is actually closer than it looks in the pictures,” said one of the explorers.  I was stunned and amazed by the natural miracle. Despite the fact I am totally obsessed with photography, I sometimes forgot to press the shutter button.”
‘I was just staring at the natural wonder in front of me.  We spent several days there and it never went away.  It was beautiful at first, but then it became ominous, almost like it was watching us,” said one of the Canadian explorers.

Dobson had been travelling on the nuclear icebreaker ’50 years of Victory’, the biggest of its kind in the world, setting off from the Russian town of Murmansk.  The amateur photographer added: ‘I feel privileged to have been on the trip and witnessed something not many people can say they have seen in person.’
A fog bow is a similar phenomenon to a rainbow, but it appears as an arch in fog rather than rain.  And because of the very small size of water droplets that cause fog, it appears as a white arc, rather than a multi-coloured one.
Experts say there have been a number of white rainbows seen over the centuries, but there has never been one that has stayed in one place for days on end.  What could it mean?

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8 thoughts on “WHITE RAINBOW”

  1. Light reacts in similar fashion its common a White Rainbow in Artic Anartica regions it has prism reunited amongst its own white strength much like a rainbow with more of the Purple or red seen in same arch Missouri monument is similar the timing is longer a couple weeks shows the enourmous powers of sunlight vs ice crystals and ice reflection colours /colors react in many areas in facet all colors add up to white so black can be absence of light its obviously ultra violet universe yet white additions is this arch rainbow Fog also stays longer in areas in geysers and heat vs cold in sky reflexion is reason and if you add the colors it in prism as in chemistry and astronomy becomes white bent light therefore a white rainbow appeared in strength and 2 weeks time more exist so this proves they are reported time to time something different is very positive to report and tell others thanks Sam Dobson from all of us and you Weekly World News the latest stories very hard to believe yet people throw around truth becomes fact or just a love story I enjoyed reading latest articles daily .

  2. Love this its a combination of all light is equal to White prism contact look it up if you add all light together sometimes it reflects also giving a round obviously rainbows exist why not in Antartic Regions it would glow bright white what a perfect story and Great Weekly World News Stories .

  3. It's like the St. Louis Gateway Arch. The silver rainbow which signifies a spirit that should burn in every American heart, which is also called "the Spirit of St. Louis." White/Silver rainbow- It's the promise of better days to come. It's the gateway to whatever you want in life. It marks the frontier to unexplored treasures inside you. IT'S THE SYMBOL of FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE.

  4. So we are not crazy. My man and I were riding our Harley early in the morning and it was cold and foggy in northern Wis. We stopped to look at a white rainbow,becouse it was so odd. We came home and told people about it and they told us there was no such thing. We know what we saw and now feel so blessed to have seen it.

  5. My first white rainbow seen it today while the fog was lifting stayed around for quite a while my husband also witnessed the phenomenon I didn’t have my camera on me but I did not want to go and get my phone in case it disappeared I live in New Zealand on a farm here in Dargaville where we quite often have fog
    It felt so spiritual because of the color


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