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11.11.11 — JOY TO THE WORLD!

Numerologists, philosophers, astronomers and psychics all agree – 11.11.11 begins a rebirth on earth!
According to top psychics, including the world-renowned seer, Moses Blue, tomorrow will be the luckiest day for all humans living on earth.  Most will experience pure joy and ecstasy.
“Many had believed that November 11th in 2100 would be the luckiest day in all humankind, but after reviewing all my cosmic calculations and upon extreme divine reflection, it is abundantly clear that this year, 2011, will begin a rebirth on earth and bring extreme happiness and joy to all humans,” said the elusive Moses Blue.

Gamblers also feel that tomorrow will be “lucky” for them. Las Vegas and Atlantic City are completely booked and many feel that this will be their “lucky day.”
Many philosophers agree with them. Dr. Susan Begley, a metaphysics professor at Oxford University, has said that the world’s leading metaphysical scholars got together in Prague earlier this year and after twelve hours of debate, they concluded that the world will begin a spiritual and intellectual awakening on November 11th.
“It was clear to all of us, that at 11:11pm on November 11th, 2011 – the world will be renewed, and a new Enlightenment will begin.  And philosophers will be kings again!”  Begley said.
Numerology researchers asked (via the internet) two questions to over a million people worldwide over the last two weeks. The results may surprise you:
Question One:
What do you believe will happen on 11/11/11?
77% Something good will happen on a global scale.
21% Nothing will happen (just another day in the Land of Nod).
2% Something bad will happen on a global scale.
Question Two:
Do you feel that 11/11/11 will be a lucky day for you?
81% Yes.
19% No.

Astronomers believe that on 11.11.11.  a “portal” will open up in the heavens, allowing all “goodness and light” to flow TOWARDS earth, rather than AWAY from it.   “It is a remarkable discovery that was made by NASA scientists in 2004.  This day could go down as the most significant day in the history of universe since the Big Bang.”
So… enjoy yourself tomorrow.  A new day is dawning!!

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6 thoughts on “11.11.11 — JOY TO THE WORLD!”

  1. 11:11 Feel frightened? ………. This date will not come around again for another 100 years……. The neo cons plan everything around numbers,and 11 represents the horns of the "BEAST!" So people, do take care today……………………………………… 🙁

  2. Surely you are using irony about 11:11:11 being lucky? To the contrary,if anything is going to occur today,it`s got to be,an continuation of the bad things that has gone on this year…………. Cannot think of an year,where so much horror and mayhem has taken place! lol


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