LOS ANGELES –  Conrad Murray was found guilty of murdering Michael Jackson.  He will receive the death penalty.
This is it.   A jury found Conrad Murray guilty of the murder of Michael Jackson, who died on June 25th, 2009.
The jury was unanimous and Judge Stanley Wilkinson immediately ordered Conrad Murray to be taken into custody and put on Death Row.   He will be executed – by lethal injection.

The Jackson Family was ecstatic.  Some even saw Michael Jackson, himself, outside the courthouse, giving fans a peace sign.

Conrad Murray, of course, was stunned by the verdict and vowed to appeal.  Casey Anthony was in the courthouse offering her support.
Murray is not a popular doctor.  The crowd outside the courthouse was cheering and hollering and clapping and singing.  Occupy LA came by and handed out joints to everybody.
Some of those outside the courthouse wanted blood, “I want to get my hands on Murray myself, he took away the King of Pop,” said Darius Mulvahill of Oakland, CA.
Others outside the courthouse think that maybe Murray is a serial killer.  “I think he had something to do with the death of Amy Winehouse and probably with Kurt Cobain, too.  I don’t like this doctor at all,” said Maria Consuela of Ahlambra, CA.   “He’s a bad, bad man.”
It’s been over two years since Michael left us… but his music will go on forever.

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3 thoughts on “CONRAD MURRAY – GUILTY!”

  1. It was Jacko himself that caused his own demise, if he would have had a proper childhood, with parents who cared for him and not his money.Then things would surely be different today.
    Not the doctors fault one bit.. money and greed takes the blame on both sides.
    Shame on the Jackson family for not being educated enough.


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