A virtual archeologist found railway tracks, a railway station and a railway carriage in photos of Mars.
Joseph Skipper, is known for his meticulous studies of high-resolution Google Mars space images. This time, the researcher found a whole transport system on the photos.
Skipper says that there is conclusive proof that there are (or were) working trains on Mars – trains that operated in the same manner as Earth trains.
“I am not sure if Martians copied Earthlings, or Earthlings copied Martians, but either way we know one thing:  everybody loves trains!”  Skipper told WWN.
Can you see the train?:

Many are skeptical about Skipper’s discovery. There do seem to be railroad tracks on the images, but it was a stretch by Joseph Skipper to call the tracks  a full working railway. However, other scientists in Russia agree with Skipper.
“If Skipper say there are trains on Mars, there are trains on Mars.  He is Russian scientist, he knows what her talk about,” said George Viyakev of the Russian Planetary Commission.

The “tracks” stretch to Gale crater on the red planet. NASA plans to land its new rover in the area of the crater to get a closer look at the train tracks and to see if there are any train stations – or train – in the area.
The rover will be launched to search for water and life. The “railway tracks” start some 1,000 miles from the crater.
Skipper also discovered various constructions near the crater, which, as Skipper said, could be a railway station, and perhaps a newstand. He found a square-cut object not very far from the station. The object – most likely a railway carriage – is located right on the tracks.

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  1. I have long suspected that the peoples of Earth came from Mars. So much of Earth's folklore and legends are so far out there that there has to be an off-world explanation. Scientists have even told us that Mars was habitable at one point in time. Who are we to say it's not.
    One day when man makes the trip to Mars proof will be there for all to see! Thank you WWN for bringing us this amazing story.

  2. How do you see those images Mars has trains or the photos had trains and the images were made to be that way well one time photagraphy or the rovers will prove if the tracks lead to important findings we'd love to know Authentic as they look and the two images trains I saw look like rock formations I think aliens and humans had to build the tracks they have photos of other real buildings on Mars available on internet websites .

  3. Dual imagry is that a fake or real photograph , a great way to prove it happened and hopefully findings are railroad track and train engine as I saw images looks like formation of rocks not a train yet the tunnel may lead somewhere important the aliens and humans built the items like buildings photos the people have available on the web internet with dimensions given they are real fact .


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