There’s a new hot snack selling in Romania and Turkey – Black Man Cookies!

Move over Vanilla Wafers, Oreos, Samoas… there’s a new cookie in town.  A SUPER cookie.  Black Man Cookies!

Romania and Turkey have a new top-selling cookie.  “Black Man”  is a chocolate-flavored cookie sold in stores all over Eastern Europe and the Mideast.  The cookie appears to have coarse hair, closed eyes, a wide nose and big lips. It is sporting a Superman cape with a “B” inscribed on a plate in the front.

They are flying off the shelves in Bucharest:

And citizens in Istanbul are lining up for tasty treat:

It’s the latest in a long line of European and Middle Eastern consumer products designed to profit from racial stereotypes.   Eastern Europeans aren’t known for their racial sensitivity and the Turks – well, they feel they are just more “open” than people in the West.   “People in America are too sensitive,” said a Black Man  cookie lover.  “It’s just a cookie!”

A deli owner on 47th Street in Manhattan was asked if he sold Black Man cookies.  “What?  Are you crazy?  That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

He went on to add.  Can’t we all just get along:

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