LAS VEGAS – Jerry Lewis, the former host of the MDA telethon was kidnapped last night.

This year’s Muscular Dystrophy Telethon has gotten even more bizarre.  Jerry Lewis, who was “relieved” or his duties as host – or was fired, or “retired” – was kidnapped last night soon after he arrived in Las Vegas.

There was no ransom requested yet, but sources close the Lewis family say that the MDA “thugs” want to keep Jerry Lewis “quiet” until after the Telethon is over.

What appeared to be the last and best chance for Jerry Lewis to participate in this weekend’s MDA Telethon unraveled on Saturday. Musicians who had been hired to perform with Lewis on Thursday night for a video clip to be recorded were informed that the session had been canceled.

This year’s MDA Telethon airs live from Las Vegas.

No official confirmation has yet been furnished by the MDA, South Point or Lewis himself as to his current status for this year’s show.

Lewis spokeswoman Candi Cazau was outraged at the kidnapping and said that Lewis had “no intention of interrupting the telecast.  He was dis-invited and he was going to respect their decision, no matter how foolish it was. But kidnapping him is beyond the pale.”

Las Vegas Police and the FBI are searching Las Vegas, Palm Springs and Los Angeles for Jerry Lewis..

In his most recent public appearance Aug. 20 at Red Rock Resort, where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nevada Broadcasters Association, Lewis was in lively spirits and did not seem upset with the fact that he was cut from the MDA telectast.

“But behind the scenes, he was livid,” said a source close to Lewis.  “He vowed to take revenge, and I guess MDA felt that they needed to kidnap him, so he wouldn’t ruin the telecast.  I understand it.”

This isn’t the first time Lewis was kidnapped.  He was also kidnapped in the 1980s:

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