ARIZONA – Steven Seagal whacked some puppies in his crimefighting reality show.

Jesus Sanchez Llovera claimed his puppies died during an early morning raid on his home by self-styled ‘Sheriff’ Seagal who was filming his reality show ‘Steven Seagal: Lawman’.

Mr Llovera’s home in Arizona was set upon by volunteer officer Seagal and a local police chief as they believed he was running an illegal cockfighting ring.

Several of Llovera’s neighbors said that Seagal then came to their houses “looking for puppies to shoot.”

“He was out-of-control.  He wanted puppies and he wanted puppies dead,” said neighbor Junior Diaz.  “He tried to use Kung Fu on them or something.”

Apparently, some of the puppies fought back and one of them, Le Tigre, took Seagal to the mat and pinned him.

Robert Campus, Llovera’s attorney, believes the entire raid was staged to help actor Steven Seagal’s TV show, “Lawman.” Seagal was riding in the tank. The Sheriff’s Department has entered into a contract with Seagal and part of that contract gives Seagal carte blanche to go along with the sheriff as he arrests people.

Mr Llovera’s home in Arizona was set upon by volunteer officer Seagal and a local police chief as they believed he was running an illegal cockfighting ring.

According to eyewitness reports, Seagal came in with guns blazing and he purposely targeted puppies.

It’s very odd because Seagal recently said that animal cruelty was one of his pet peeves. And this bust was an about animal cruelty.  “He just lost it,” said Diaz.

No one told Seagal that rolling a tank into a living room filled with animals might pose as a threat to, well, the animals. The raid ended up killing hundreds of roosters (looks like Llovera was running a cock-fighting ring after all) and the family’s puppy in the process.  Some puppies tried to run away – that’s when Seagal started shooting.

The fallout of this whole episode? Segal is being sued for more than $100,000 by Llovera, who is also demanding a written apology from Seagal to his children for killing the puppies.

Mr Llovera says his house suffered ‘substantial damage’. He now wants $100,000 compensation plus a written apology from the veteran actor for his children ‘for the death of their 11-month-old puppy, a beloved family pet’.

The Hispanic man also denied there was an illegal cockfighting ring at his home, accusing Seagal and his colleagues of killing 100 prize chickens that were being bred for ‘show’.

Martial arts expert Seagal, 59, has responded by saying that talk of animal cruelty was ‘beyond the pale’.  He also denied killing any puppies – but he is not giving up the tapes of his realty show.

Seagal has teamed up with Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpacio the controversial right-wing police chief who has dedicated much time to rounding up illegal immigrants in the state.

Seagal denies that he also has a vendetta against penguins and teddy bears.  “I love all animals, whether they are stuffed or not.”

Seagal’s lawyer said that his client will prove to the world that he loves puppies.  He is opening the Steven Seagal “I Love Puppies” Martial Arts School in Los Angeles.

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  1. If Seagal is so innocent why don't they release the tapes and show us that he didn't shoot puppies. Frankly, this guy has too much bad publicity to be a nice guy! No one ever has anything nice to say about him and from the sound of this story I can really understand. Killing chickens (roosters) that may be raised for cockfighting is certainly not a way to protect the fowl from cockfighters. What is wrong with this guy?


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